5G Network on the Everest

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On April 20, China Mobile officially launched the “5G Network on the Everest” since April this year, which made substantial progress for both China Tibet Mountaineering and Tibet Travel to Everest. As of April 19, China Mobile has completed the opening of three 5G base stations in the 5300m Everest base camp and the 5800m Everest acclimatization Base camp.

It is expected to complete the construction and opening of two 5G base stations at Everest advanced Base camp at the elevation of 6500m before April 25 and all points, which will become the 5G base station with the highest altitude in the world.

At that time, the 5G signal of China Mobile will cover the whole climbing route of the of Everest and the summit of Everest from Tibet side.

“5G network on the Everest” launched by China Mobile plans to build five 5G base stations in Everest including the acclimatization Base camp at the elevation of 5800m and Everest advanced basecamp at the elevation of 6500m.

Therefore, China Mobile has sent more than 150 employee to take charge of building new 5G stations on the Everest and maintaining the internet transmission trunk line, covers of 177 km around the preservation area of Everest, and newly laid 25 km optical cable.

More than 40 yaks and 60 workers transfer 8 tons of network construction equipment and life support materials by carrying cattle on their shoulders; 12 network maintenance and optimization personnel stick to the 7 * 24-hour duty in the area above 5300 meters above sea level to ensure the smooth network and good performance in the Everest area.

In order to preserve the ecological environment of the core area of Everest, China Mobile does the construction in method of laying armored optical cables with least damage to the natural environment to ensure that no excavation and damage are carried out in the core area ,set up a living area during the construction, and centralized treatment of garbage.

 “5G network on the Everest” is not only an extreme challenge in the forbidden area of human life, but also a solid foundation for the later development of 5G Wisdom tourism which will give a great dedication to both trekking to the Everest Base Camp and climbing to the top of the Everest.

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