A Detailed Guide To Yamdrok Lake Trek

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The Rooftop of the world, the place where the mountains stand up high and tall to conference with the clouds – Tibet, has several treasures to unfold for the unawares.

Yamdrok lake treks are also one of the wonders for which people visit the place from all over the world. So, what is so special about a lake, when there are millions to explore around the globe? Let us explore the reason why tourists find a trek to Yamdrok fascinating.

The Lake and its Significance

The Yamdrok Lake or the Yamdrok Yumtso in Tibetan is a freshwater lake high up on the mountains. However, the lake is not just famous for its presence in the high altitude, but for its length. The Yamdrok Lake stretches up to 72 kilometers, or 45 miles and therefore, covers a large surface area up in the mountains.

Yamdrok Lake is also one amongst the three lakes in Tibet which is sacred and spiritual. The lake is considered to be the dwelling area of Goddesses and therefore, is visited by many localities and people from Asian countries for its religious significance. The legend has it that if ever the Yamdrok Lake dries up, Tibet will cease to exist. The lake is in the southern part of Tibet, in the Nangartse County of the Shannan prefecture and is visited by many religious leaders throughout the year and on special occasions.

Peak Seasons to Visit

While the Lake definitely is in its elements all through the year, the best place to visit the lake is in the months of April to November. As one can understand, these are the peak season months in Tibet, and therefore, a Tibet Trek tour is only possible in these seasons where the harsh weather gives some respite for the tourists who want to visit the place.

The local tour operators in Tibet organize tours and treks and mountain bike rides to Yamdrok all through the season. Instead of just traveling directly to the lake itself, the tours usually take treks and turns into various beautiful spots for the visitors to enjoy. For instance, a Tibet tour trek to Yamdrok from Lhasa will take you to the Kyichu valley, and the Lhasa city itself to soak in the magnificence of the temples, summer palaces, and monasteries. You then get to visit those Tibetan villages and camp at the Lhemachen too. The view of the Gongkar county and the Dol valley is something every trekker will remember for a lifetime.

When you reach the Lake campsite itself, the view of the Kurla Kangri snow mountain will leave you just spellbound. The lake itself, with its turquoise blue shimmering water and its peaceful flow, will enchant you with its beauty and serene existence.

While the major attraction is the lake and its turquoise blue water and all its religious significance, people travel here to the campsite to watch some unique fauna and flora. The lake is home to several migratory birds. One can see many such beautiful birds flying across the sky to make their temporary abode in the lake.

Preparations Expect from Yamdrok Lake Trek

Yamdrok Lake and the other such freshwater lakes present not just challenge, also represents the integral culture and religion of the place. Since any Tibet tour trek will include the Yamdrok Lake visit, you might encounter the lake in all its majestic appearance one time or the other during those tours. However, if you are interested in fauna and flora of the place and enchanted with the tales about the lake, then make a special visit to Yamdrok to soak in its warmth and mystery. Book yourself on one such Tibet Tour trek which exclusively aims at reaching Yamdrok to spend a few days in the laps of Mother Nature!

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