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14 Days
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  • Day 1 Arrival in Xining and transfer to hotle, Afternoon walk around Xining market

    Xining is situated at the east gate of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Clear blue skies, clear water, greenery as well as flocks and herds form a fabulous Qinghai view. Xining is widely considered to be a perfect summer resort combining the brilliance of nature and culture. This city houses a variety of religious buildings whose diversity may surprise any casual traveler, especially those who are unfamiliar with the cultural diversity of the region. Though there are many religious buildings in the area, Ta'er Monastery and Dongguan Mosque are most important among them. The natural beauty of the Xining area is also impressive, and its popularity as a summer destination is due to the spectacular scenery. The must-see spots in Xining are Qinghai Lake, Bird Island and Riyue Mountain (Sun and Moon) that separates the Qinghai province into two stunning destinations.

  • Day 2 sightseeing Xining, Kubum monastery and the Mosque. Hotel

    Kubum Monastery has the statue of Jowo shakyamuni, Maitreya, Gyelpo Kunga chaples, a statue of a white horse in the Gyalpo Kunga Chaple which was used by the 9th Penchen Lama, the Golden stupa of Tsongka in which they preserve the original sandal wood which appeared one hundred thousand Gyalwa Senge Nagro when Tsongka pas was born. There are eight stupas in the big court yard of Kubum when we enter the main entry gate. Those are the eight enlightend stupas and proir to the construction of Kubum monastery, Tsongka pa pitched the tent there and later the pillars of the tents used as the pole of the stupas and in each of the stupas, they have the pillars of Tsongkapa’s tent. There is a chaple of Buddhas of the present, past and future. In the outer courtyard of the chaple, there is a rock which resembles to the water tank which Tsongkapa’s mother used to carry water.

  • Day 03 Drive to Kokonor lake,3150mts ( Tsoshar),187Km. Grassland hotel

    From Huangzhong to Doba town, 20Km and then to Qinghai highway ( G315 ) 167Km to Tsoshar. We come through son and moon mountain ( Riyue ) which is the mark of the pass when Princess Wencheng missed her family and wanted to return to China instead of coming to Lhasa. There is a Xian called Huangyuan which is just around 20Km from the hgih way. From Son and moon mountain, climb down to the town called Ringmo which is the junction to go to Chabcha, Kyegundo and Mato.

  • Day 04 Tsoshar to Bird Island, 140Km and back to Tsoshar.

    Drive along the beautiful grassland and Tso Ngonpo. We can have yogurt stop on the way at beautiful nomad camp which is located at the shore of the lake.

  • Day 05 Drive from hotel to Dawo. Hotel

    On the way you can see yellow river best sight at the Trika bridge, Bhathang grassland and first monastery at the yellow river bend, Rabgyal monastery in the region of Golok. this great monastery has over 250 years history and became home for 500 buddhist monks today. drive continue to Dawo and check in the hotel

  • Day 06 Dawo-Tsanak Kado-Chuba Yanak,3300mts, Camp

    After breakfast use two and half hour drive to Tsanak kado, the start point of the trek. you will meet your local horseman, he will be waiting with yaks and horses. your memorable trek start after loaded on you bags and foods on the yak. this night you will camp at Chuba Yakna. 3300m

  • Day 07 Trek from Chuba Yanak to the foot of Damchok Gonkar, 4300mts Camp

    your yakman and local guide will cook particularly simple breakfast in the early morning, whole day long your trek nearly 8 hour in the Halong Langri chu valley. camp before the Damchok Gonkar, it is highest pass of Animacheng 4600 elevation from sea level.

  • Day 08 Trek from Damchok Gonkar to Jema Dridee, 3800mts, Camp

    you will cross over a Nangge Shukdab meadow after passed the highest Macheng Bonra sacred mountian pass, descending on the wester side to a valley of interesting rock formations, the middle of the valley of Mowa and Dowa. here there are several meditation caves including the retreat of the great Nyngmapa master Zhabkar Tsokdruk Ringdrol. group will camp at yellow sand dunes of Jema Dridee.3800m

  • Day 09 Trek from Jema Dridee to Jomoyangra,4300mts Camp

    After breakfast continue trekking to Gegu Chiemo, on the trek you can see Jema Dridee, small sand hills in a row naturally formed at the opposite of the valley, local people say those are offering Torma to god. you will climb up again to Shari la pass from lunch time. from the Shari la pass you should say good bye to the thirteen peaks of sacred mountian Machen Bona and very aggressive Tibetan mastiffs will welcome to you their home town. camp at Jomoyangra. 4300m

  • Day 10 Trek from Jomoyangra to Dradel Gompa,3900mts Camp

    Trek 19km through the Jomoyangra valley to the Dradel Gonpa, on the way go to see Dolma Gurchu spring, the trail following its course, the path leads to a spur where king Ling Gesar was tied his horse when he resting at the path. there are a small town formed by few villages where your horseman came from. camp at Dradel Gonpa.3900m

  • Day 11 Trek from Dradel Gompa to Tharanang. Camp

    Get up early morning and visit Dradel monastery, here there 90 studants and 16 monks study together in that temple. you can teach them english language untill 11:00am. this is the entrance place of Animacheng Bonra sacred mountian by traditionally and start point of climb second highest Animacheng mountian pass. camp at Thara Nang.

  • Day 12 Trek from Dradel Gompa to Longrang Bridge,3600mts Camp

    Trek 3 hours to the second highest pass Drak Dee pass 4200m, prayer flags covered whole mountian pass with the thousands of year's glacier, your local guide and yakman will spread Longda (windhorse) in the air at top of hill, born incense for mountain oracles. continue your journey will connect to Sangtri. camp at the Longrang bridge. 3600m

  • Day 13 Trek from Longrang Bridge to Gangri town. Family guest house

    Trek whole day to Qigar Nha where people built a white pagota and stone carvings. your horseman will return to his home Early morning with yaks. the night spend with local familly hotel at Gangri town.

  • Day 14 your car will pick up you from the village return back to Xining city.

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