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is one of the six biggest Gelukpa monasteries in Tibet and it is the largest Gelukpa monastery in Amdo region. It was founded in 1709 by the first Jamyang Zhepa Ngawang Tsondru who was revered as an emanation of Tsongkapas teacher Umapa Pawo Dorje. During his studies in Lhasa, where he was a contemporary of Desi Sangye Gyatso, he received his title Jamyang Shepa. After returning to his homeland, he then founded the most powerful monastery in Amdo. The main buildings of the great temples and colleges of Labrang Tashi Kyil were constructed by Jamyang Shepa and his successors. He himself founded the Tsokchen Dukhang Tosamling or assembly hall in 1709, the Gyume Dratsang or lower tantric college in 1716, the Sokshing Chora or college of dialectics and the Jokang temple, containing a much revered Jowo Rinpoche image flanked by 108 others in 1718 and the rest of the temples or the colleges were built by the successors of Jamyang Shepa respectively.

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