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was constructed in the 11 th century by Dromtonpa, the foremost Tibetan student of the great Bangali master Atisha. Here Dromtonpa established the principle seat of his Kadampa school and according to legend, 20,000 Juniper trees and Springs emerged from the hairs of his head miraculously. The monastery was expended by Dromtonpa’s successors and the great 5th Dalai Lama. During the 7 th Dalai Lama, Reting monastery became the seat of the Reting Rinpoche successives when the 4 th Reting Rinpoche Ngawang Chokden became the teacher of the 7 th Dalai Lama. The main object in the monastery are the statue of Jowo Jampel Dorje and a very sacred cave used by Tsongkapa when he wrote Lamrim Chenmo, the stages of the path to enlightenment. There are around 70 monks in the monastery nowadays.

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