Serta Monastery

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Serta monastery or Lharong Gar which is to the east of Serta county at the distance of 20Km. We took the main high way to Chengdu and after 20Km, turn left and entered a big gate of the monastic university of Lharong Gar. It is the biggest monastic university which I have ever seen. The university is fully spread all over a whole valley. It is divided into two sections, monastery and nunnery. There is a border between the nunnery and monastery that the monks are not allowed to enter nunnery gate and nuns are not allowed to enter monastery gate. There are two main big halls with golden roofs where one is used for monks to study and another one is used for nuns to study. Both of them have third floors and second and third floors have many rooms which are used for different classes including Tibetan medicine. There are over 10000 including both monks and nuns coming from different regions of Tibet and main land China. The best view for photos is from Zangthok Pelri stupa. Just next to Zangtok Pelri stupa, there is a monastery guest house too. Both nunnery and monastery do not have any statues like other monastery or nunnery in the assembly halls.They are just calss rooms like normal universities.

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