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SHALU MONASTERY was originally built in the 11 th century by Jetsun Sherap Jungne of Shangshung and renovated with monastery extension in 15 th century by Gonpopel, Drakpa Gyeltsen and Buton Rinchendrup with the financial aids, provided by the Mongolian Emperor, Oljadu. Shalu’s construction style is differed from those of other monasteries in Tibet that it has a Chinese style roof, made of yellow and green glazed turquoise tiles with porcelain relief carvings and it murals are painted in Niwari, Chinese and Tibetan styles. The monastery is three storeys high and it has one assembly hall with some chapels on both ground and upper floors. The main object of the monastery is the black stone statue of Chenresig Kasrapani. Shalu has 65 monks nowadays