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is the seat of the Penchen Lama, built in 15th century by the first Dalai Lama,called Gedun Drub. On the slops of Drolmari, situated to the west of the fortress of Shigatse Dzong. The monastery is composed of 3 big colleges such as Tsennyi college, Ngapa college,Tse Gonkang college and one big assembly hall with numerous chapels around. The main object of the monastery are the giant gilled copper statue of the Future Buddha Maitreya which is (26Meters) high, built in 1914, embodying loving kindness, contains 6,700 teals of gold and 150 metric tons of copper, and within it, an enormous juniper tree from Reting monastery functions as a life-supporting axis, Sok-Shing in Tibetan, The tomb sutpas of the successive Penchen Lamas, the tomb of the 4 th, 10 th and from those of 5 th to the 9 th together respectively. There are around 500 monks nowadays.

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