There are many lakes in Tibet and most of the lakes in Tibet are very holy for Tibetans. In most of your Tibet tours, you will visit some of the most beautiful and sacred lakes in Tibet. Example, if you take a 6 days Lhasa city sightseeing tour, this short Tibet trip also includes a visit to Yamdrok lake. Yamdrok lake is located to the southwest of Lhasa city at the distance of 100km and it is one of the four largest holy lakes in Tibet. If you plan a trip to Mount Everest base camp from Tibet side, on the way, you will again visit Yamdrok lake. If you plan a mount Kailash Pilgrimage tour, you will visit several sacred lakes on the way including the most beautiful and holy lakes of Mansarovar Lake. If you make a tour to Nyingtri which is located to the eastern forest region of Lhasa city, you will visit Darksum lake on the way. If you plan a trek from Tsurphu to Yampachen, this Tibet trek itinerary includes Namtso lake which is located in the northern part of Tibet at the distance of 250km from Lhasa so in most of Tibet's tour packages, you will visit a lot of beautiful and holy lakes. Those¬† are all very large and most attractive lakes in the world.  

    is located in Western Tibet, at an altitude of (4572Meters) above sea level. It is the holiest lake for both Hindus and Buddhists, conceived from the mind of God. It is the mentral creation of Samvara or Demchok in Tibetan, a wrathful meditational deity who is the Buddhist Tantric aspect of great compassion. For Tibetan Bon followers, whose custom it is to circumambulate anti-clockwise, it is the mental creation of Lord Tonpa Shenrab. For Hindus, it is the mental creation of Shiva, the destroyer of evil. Jains also hold lake Mansarovar sacred.

    at (4,700Meters) is one of the biggest lakes in Tibet and is 70Km long and 30Km wide. The landscape is dominated by the snow peak of Nyenchen Thangla to the south west of the lake. Tashi Do hermitage stands on a promontory with more than 50 small caves including some small chapels. Pilgrims do a half hour walk (kora) around Tashi Do hermitage.