8 Authentic Tibet Travel Experience with Tibet Shambhala Adventure

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Tibet is well known for its breathtaking landscape and unique heritage. From the high snowcapped mountain to the most ancient human civilization, Tibet attract thousands of tourist every year. It’s of no doubt for many tourists to bucket list Tibet as one of Asia’s top destinations. Below are some of most unique and authentic experience that Tibet has to show off to the rest of the world.

1. Visiting Potala Palace, Jokang Temple, Sera and Drepung monastery is the best way to discover how spiritual the Tibetan people are from the beginning of this ancient civilization. The magnificent stupas, wall paintings, ancient pillar, pile of Buddhist scriptures and debating session of monks etc. will definitely bring about the spiritualism within you.

2. Circumambulation around ancient Barkor Street: Take a short walk around the ancient Barkor Street to find out the unique culture and tradition of Tibet. From the handmade stuffs to the antiques, Barkor street is not just enough for one round. Early morning walk around the Barkor Street allows you to discover the daily Tibetan ritual activities like burning of Sang powders (incense), Prostrations, and circumambulation. The best Tibetan gifts are found within the Barkor Street.

3. Take a Tibetan cooking class during Tibet home stay trip: Make your Tibet trip authentic by visiting a Tibetan local home and stay overnight to discover the typical Tibetan lifestyle. You can also take part in preparing Tibetan Momos with the host family. The local Tibetan life can best be illustrated through an overnight homestay. You get to learn the family etiquettes, table manners etc.

4. Drink Butter tea made from pure female Yak milk:
Tea culture in Tibet is unique and wide spread among Tibetans and it is of true Tibetan origin. You may not probably get used to it on your first sip but it is always worth trying to make your Tibet trip more authentic and original. Sweet teas are also famous in Tibet. Almost every Tibetan restaurants serve you with butter tea and sweet tea.

5. Art of Thangka Painting: A true Tibetan Legacy.
Art of Thangka Painting has more than thousand years of history in Tibet. Visiting to a Thangka Painting school to explore not only the skill involved in the art of Thangka Painting but also the spiritual significance, illustration of social history and custom and habits of Tibet. The colors used in the Thangka Paintings are said to have mix of natural pigments and elements. The materials used in the art has lots to illustrate about the perviousness of this particular art.

6. Does riding yak sounds like an interesting idea to you?
Tibet Shambhala Adventure offers you a Yak ride during your Tibet trip. The ride may be of little bumpy to you but the experience is something worthwhile. Trip to Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, Ganden Monastery and Kailash are designed with Yak ride to offer you the best Himalayan experience.

7 Visiting an Incense factory: a true Tibetan craftsmanship:
Original Tibetan incenses are made up of herbal and natural ingredients. Incense is one of the true representations of Tibetan culture and tradition. Visiting to an incense factory will allow you to discover how the Tibetan incenses are made and what kind of natural ingredients are used in making them. There are many types of incenses like Gang Chen Incense, Green Tara Incense, Tibetan Healing incense etc.

8. Tibet Museum: Glimpse of Tibetan cultural history:
Visiting the Tibet Museum is a must during your Tibet trip. Tibetan cultural history can best be illustrated through the widest range of collection like Tibetan costumes and style of dress, everyday tools and utensils, art and handicrafts, Stone tools, pottery etc. Besides the exploration of Tibetan culture and tradition through the museum, the museum is also used for cultural exchange sessions and seminar, archeological study center etc.

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