Cross Country Running cum Trip to Tibet with Shambhala Adventure

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First phase: Trip to Tibet Nyingtri Region. A glimpse of extra ordinary beauty of Tibet Nyingtri region

Nyingchi also referred as Linzhi is a prefecture-level city in southeast of the Tibet Autonomous region. it is also referred to as “Switzerland of Tibet”. Located at an average altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, unlike other part of Tibet which are known for snowcapped mountains and lakes, Nyingtri is known for having the greenest landscape in Tibet.

A recent cross country running program started in August 8th 2017 for national tourists in Tibet Nyingtri region has wind up successfully. With more than 100 plus participants joined the program, it was a once in a lifetime race for many of them. This outdoor activities cum Trip to Tibet program started with local sightseeing in Nyingtri region for acclimatization process and then slowly headed towards the extraordinary beauty of Nyingtri region called Milling County. The chosen natural terrain for the program is known for Tibetan herbal medicines which said to have over 1000 different natural herbs. As luck would have it, we also witness the cave of the king of Tibetan Medicine ( Yuthok Yonten Gonpo) which is located at the top of the herb mountain. (Men Ri). Right from the camp site to the mountain top there are 4 CP points where runners get assisted with supply from water to medical emergency. With more than 50 tents, the camp site was filled with laughter and excitement. One of the most exciting program was the bonfire night where locals are invited to perform their traditional dance. Participants themselves has voluntarily joined the popular Tibetan Circled Dance. Some of them even try to sing in the woods to express the joy and happiness brought by this Trip to Tibet. The program was made really authentic by visiting a Tibet local home for lunch. Most of them were astonished about the authenticity of their Trip to Tibet cum cross country running program. It was indeed a mixed of feelings. Feelings being sporty and feelings of localness.

Second Phase: Mixing Authenticity with Sports

Second Phase of the cross country running program with Tibet Shambhala Adventure started with the local sightseeing in Lhasa. Paying a holy visit to the magnificent Potala Palace and Jokhang temple to discover the spiritual Tibet thereby making it not only a cross country running program but a discovery of spiritualism in Tibet. The local sightseeing in Lhasa was followed by an actual running program in Taktse County in Tibet. Plenty of other authentic Tibet programs are also organized by Tibet Shambhala Adventure. The participants has actively involved in photo session by wearing Tibetan traditional costume (Chupa). Few of the most authentic Tibet programs organized by Tibet Shambhala Adventure like preparing Tibetan dumpling (MoMo), printing and installing Tibetan prayer flags, and riding yaks has seen lots of participant’s active involvement. It was indeed a real outdoor activities plus authentic Tibet Travel Experience for all.

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