The domestic tourism of cross-provincial (regional, municipal) in China has restarted.

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The General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China issued the “Notice on Promoting the Expansion of Domestic Tourism Enterprises to Restart Businesses”, which pointed out that cross-provincial (regional, municipal) tour groups should be resumed.

Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the ministry of culture and tourism of each province (region, city) can officially resume the operation of travel agencies, online tourism enterprises, hotels, scenic spots and air tickets across provinces (regions, cities) with the consent of the local provincial (regional, municipal) party committee and government )

Medium and high-risk provinces or cities are not allowed to carry out travel business. They can restart the travel business once they improve to prevent the Covid 19 properly.

Inbound tour and outbound tour are not considered to re-open at the moment. It will remain closed until we get further information or notice from the General office of the culture and tourism.

Tibet as being only the autonomous region of China that does not have any cases of Corona virus, there are already quite many self-driving domestic tourists and Individual tourists to Tibet. After reopening the domestic tourism in China, there will be more and more domestic tourists who come to Tibet from different cities of mainland China.

There are few reasons that there will be lots of domestic tourists from mainland China after reopening the domestic tourism because one is Tibet does not have any Covid 19 cases, two is Tibet has a very nice weather at the moment. It is only around 20-23 degrees and it has blue sky and clear weather, third the landscape of Tibet is the most beautiful part at the moment as we have green mountains, green grasslands, blue sky, white snow mountain etc.

At the same time, the “Notice” emphasizes the adjustment of the tourist attractions limit measures. The scenic spots should continue to implement the requirements of “limits, reservations, and peak shifts”, and the number of tourists received should be adjusted from the previous 30% to 50% of the maximum carrying capacity in order to have a good prevention of the dCovid 19.

Under the premise of strict implementation of various prevention and control measures, the indoor places of tourist scenic spots are opened through appointments and current restrictions. The general office of the culture and tourism urged that all the scenic spots need to advice the travelers to book the entry tickets through online platform in order not to make a long queue at the entry gate of the scenic spots.

In General, Chinese government has achieved a great result in dealing Covid 19 and almost all the provinces and cities are doing great job of preventing and controlling the disease. At the same time, the lives of the people in China are basically back to normal like before and now the domestic tourism is already under action and plan so the economy of mainland China and Tibet will bring back to normal again.

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