Eastern Tibet Tour

14 Days
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  • Day 1 Flight Chengdu-Lhasa.

    You will meet our Tibetan guide at Gongkar Airport and welcome you to the holy city of Lhasa . The elevation of Lhasa city is 3600Mt above sea level and there are 60Km from Airport to Lhasa 3650Mt. Hotel

  • Day 2 Sightseeing in lhasa, Potala, Jokang & Bharkor.

    You will start your tour at around 9 Am from your hotel and sightseeing to Potala Palace and Jokang temple and Bharkor street . Potala Palace is the winter palace of the Dalai Lama,built originally in the 7th century and expended to the present size by the 5th Dalai Lama in the 17 th century. The Potala Palace is thirteen stories high and it has more than 1000 rooms. Jokang temple was built in the 7 th century by one of the greatest Tibetan Kings called Songtsen Gampo. The temple is located just in front of your hotel and you can visit the Barkor street after the sightseeing of Jokang temple.

  • Day 3 Sightseeing in Lhasa, Drepung & Sera monasteries.

    Drepung monastery is the largest monastery in Tibet , built in the 15 th century by one of the famous Tibetan monks called Jamyang Choeje. The monastery is beautifully located up in a hill at the distance of 15 Km from the old section of the city. The monastery was considered as colleges in the olden days where all Tibetan man could study. Sera monastery and see the most interesting monks debating.Sera monastery was built in the 14th century by Jamchen Choeje,a famous desciple of Tsongkapa,the rounder of the yellow hat.Sera is one of the six biggest monasteries in Tibet.

  • Day 4 Lhasa-Nyingtri via Darksum lake .470Km

    Today you will be picked up from your hotel at 8.30 Am and start driving to Nyingtri, the eastern forest region of Tibet . You will enjoy the landscapes of beautiful Tibetan villages both living on farming and nomads. You will see a big farming land where the villages grow their different types of crops, vegetables, potatos, radish etc as well as a flock of Yak and sheep grazing in the mountains beside the road. You can also have a nice stop at the Nomad camps and visit how the nomads live in their lovely traditional yak hair made tents. Another most attractive sight is the beautiful green land with forest and Darksum lake surrounded by dense forest which give you a total different view from the central part and western part.Hotel

  • Day 5 Nyingtri-Rawo lake .342Km

    Today you will visit a typical wood which has more than a thousand years history and then drive through Serkhyem la pass 4515Mt from which you can enjoy a great view of Mount Namchak Bharwa more than 7000Mt and a dramatic landscape of the eastern forest region of Tibet with a lovely village called Lunang.Guest house

  • Day 6 Rawo lake-Chamdo .220Km

    From Rawok to Chamdo via Pashoe town after the ascent of Najuk la Pass 4468Mt and down to Chamdo city after the descent of Gama la pass 4839Mt. Hotel

  • Day 7 Visit Chamdo Jampa Ling moanstery and Tibetan neighborhood.

    Chamdo was the capital city of the eastern part of Tibet in the past and it is one of the six prefectures of Tibet Autonomous Region.The population of Chamdo is 77326.there is a very famous monastery called Kalden Jampaling. It was founded by one of Tsongka pa's student called Jangsam Sherrap Sangpo in 15th century. it formally had 10000monks and ranked alongside Lithang and Khantse as the largest Gelukpa estaplishment in Kham. However it had greater prestige and influence insofar as it was oldest Delukpa monastery in the region. The edvelopment of the monastery was maintained over the centuries by the successive incarnations of of Pakpa Lha whose father , Kuchor Togden , had been an actual disciple of Tsongkapa. Nowadays the monastery has around 3000 monks.Hotel

  • Day 8 Chamdo- Riwo Che, 134Km .

    From today till Nagchu, you will drive through an off road with a little bump and dust but it is still more adventure than driving on the paved road.

  • Day 9 Riwo Che-Tengchen, 144Km

    The great temple Riwoche Tsukla Khang was founded 13th century Sangye On, a student of Sangye Yarjon, the third lineage-holder and abbot of the taklung branch of the Kagyu school. It had the greatest reputation among Kham monasteries as it became the main branch of Taklung in Kham and Gu Lotsaw used to live there. Gulotsawa was the author of the blue annels. Themonastey once housed to 2000 monks and it is three storeys high. Hotel

  • Day 10 Tengchen-Sokzong, 290Km

    Today you will visit Sok Tsenden Gompa which is one of the most attractive monastery in Kham, built by Mongolian king Gushi Qen Tendzin Choegyel during the during the 17 th century.the recently renovated temple is currently home to 200 monks though once it housed 600 and it has an impressive citadel like façade, reminiscent of the Potala. It comprises the Lhakang Marpo ( the red temple ) and Lhakang Kharpo ( the white temple ) Hotel

  • Day 11 Sokzong - Nagchu, 227Km

    Today you will drive to Nagchu prefecture, traditionally known as Jang Nagchu ka, is the name given to the high nomadi terrain of the east Jangthang lakes and salween head water at the average elevation of 4500Mt. This is a vast wilderness with the Tibet 's biggest plateau known as Jangthang in Tibetan where different wild animals survive in the Jangthang like wild Yaks, Blue sheep, Antelopes etc.Hotel

  • Day 12 Nagchu - Namtso Lake .184Km

    Today you will drive through the Qinghai Tibetan high way with a view of huge Jangthang and the world highest rail way. From today you will drive on the paved road again and lagan la pass 5000mt to go to Namtso lake after you turn off in Damzhung from the high way for Namtso lake or sky lake in English.Guest house

  • Day 13 Namtso - Lhasa , 230Km

    Namtso lake is one of the four biggest lakes in Tibet and it is 70Km long and 30Km wide located at the elevation of 4700Mt and the landscape is dominated by the snow peak of Nyenchen Thangla to the south west of the lake. The Tashi Do hermitage near the bird sanctuary stands there with more than 50 small caves including some small chapels that the people can have half an hour walk ( Kora ) around Tashi do Hermitage. Hotel

  • Day 14 Lhasa-Airport

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