Enjoy Interesting Tibetan-Opera Shows with Tibet Festival Tours During Shoton Festival Tour

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Tibet festival tours are designed to provide a great insight into the culture, tradition and religious practices of the locals living in this great Himalayan Kingdom. The Shoton festival, one that commemorates the completion of meditation and the beginning of ‘yogurt’ eating by the monks is a never-to miss occasion.

When Is It Celebrated-

The festival is usually held in the month of August-September, the late August to early September of the calendar or from 30th of sixth month till the beginning of the seventh month according to the Tibetan calendar. The festival focuses upon the traditions and joy of living by the Tibetans. There are shopping, market fares, entertainment in the form of operas and many more.

Where Is It Held?

The streets and squares of Lhasa, wear festive colors to note the occasion making it an occasion of great interest for the visitors coming on a Tibet festival tour. Although the center of location is in the western part of Lhasa, in Drepung monastery and Norbulingka, the summer palace of the great Dalai Lama, one can see the celebrations everywhere else too, with people coming in to celebrate in masses.

How Is It Celebrated?

After practicing strict religious aspects in the earlier months, the Shoton festival ends the season with offerings of Yogurt. The celebrations begin earnestly with the unveiling of the Thangka, a giant applique made out of silk and gold threads. This is done in the Drepung monastery, and the Sera monastery, after which the festivities begin.

What Are The Major Attractions?

While there are celebrations all around, Giant Thangka display and the Tibetan opera shows form the most popular viewing point. The opera stars the localities from various districts coming up to put on a show to depict their culture, religion and many more.

While the opera, with its enchanting and colorful shoes, form the main attraction to the festival, the spirits exhibited by the Tibetans during this occasion is what people come to watch. Large mats are put on the ground, with families and friends gathered around to sit and watch, drink and make merry around the festive season.

This in itself finds many takers for the Shoton festival tour organized by the local travel agents in Tibet.

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