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10 Days
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  • Day 01 Arrival at Lhasa Gongkar airport and transfer to Tsetang.(3600Mts/ 100Km ) Hotel on B.B

    You will be warmly welcomed by our Tibetan guide and driver and accompany you to the cradle city of Tsetang along with the view of Bharmaputra, known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibetan and the greenery valley of Yarlong.

  • Day 02 Sightseeing tour in Tsetang, Yumbu Lhakang, Traduk temple and the Kings’ Tombs. Hotel on B.B

    After Breakfast, you will start from the hotel and drive to Yumbu Lhakang which is to the south east of Tsetang at the distance of 15 Km. Visit Yumbu Lhakang. YUMBU LHAKANG is the first Tibetan building, founded in 127 BC for their first King, Nyatri Tsenpo and it had been used as the palace by the respective Numbers of Tibetan Kings. Nowadays, the castle is transformed into a small chapel with a few monks. The chapel is dedicated to the statues of some of the most famous Tibetan kings including Sonagtsan Gampo. After the sightseeing to Yumbu Lhakang, we will drive back on the same valley down and visit Traduk temple on the way. Tranduk is one of the oldest temples built by king Songtsan Gampo in 7th century. Nowadays, it is a temple with many small chapels. After Traduk, you will have lunch and have some rest in the hotel. Afternoon, drive to Kings’ Toms through the valley of Chonggye.

  • Day 03 Drive from Tsetang-Samye monastery-Lhasa.(3650Mts/ 160Km ) Hotel on B.B

    You will start your tour at 9Am and drive along the Yarlung Tsangpo river where it joins the Bharmaputra river at Chushur bridge. On the way, we will visit Samye monastery. Samye is the first monastery of Tibet and it is the mother monastery of the Nyingmapa school or red hat sect. After lunch, we will drive to Lhasa.

  • Day 04 Sight seeing Lhasa, Potala Palace, Jokang temple and Bharkor. Hotel on B.B

    After Breakfast, you will start from the hotel and drive towards Potala square. Leave the car behind and must be ready and take your challenge to climb more than hundred steps of the Potala Palance. The Potala Palace was originally built in the 7th century by Tibetan King Songtsan Gampo but the one to the present size was expended by the 5th Dalaia Lama. It has thirteen storey’s high with more than a thousand rooms and divided with White and Red Palace. After the sightseeing of the Potala Palace, walk around the Potala Palace with pilgrimages and you can experience the ancient tradition of Tibetans, walking around Potala, praying matras. The Kora takes you around 40 minutes. It is also good to acclimatize to the high altitude. After lunch, you will visit Jokang temple. Jokang temple is the oldest temple of Tibet which was built by King Songtsan Gampo in the 7th century and it is housed to the most sacred statue of Bhudha Shakyamuni brought from mainland China by the princess Wangchen of the Tang court. Walking around the Bharkor is another interesting thing during your tour in lhasa. You will meet many different people in Bharkor.

  • Day 05 Sight seeing Lhasa, Pabongka, Chubsang nunnery and Sera monastery. Hotel on B.B

    Drive to and explore Pabongka Monastery; hike downhill to Chupsang Nunnery; walk to Sera Monastery, where we have a picnic lunch; depending on availability, make your own prayer flag at Sera’s printing center and witness monks debate age-old scripts in the courtyard.

  • Day 06 Drive from Gyangtse to Shigatse. (3900mts/ 90Km ) Hotel on B.B

    You will start your tour at around 9Am from your hotel and then drive towards Palchoe monastery for a few minutes. Visit Palchoe monastery and Kubum Pagoda stupa. After the sightseeing, You will have your lunch and then continue your journey to Shigatse by passing one of the biggest farming land in Tibet where people grow barley, wheat, different kinds of vegetables. Pm visit Tashi Lhunpo monastery and old market of Shigatse.

  • Day 07 Drive from Shigatse to new Dingri via Sakya monastery, known as Shegar(4050Mts/ 290KM ) Guest house on B.B

    You will start your tour at around 8.30Am from your hotel and drive through two big mountain passes, Tsola 4500Mts/ Gyatso la 5220Mts and some beautiful villages and the first view of Mount Everest from the foot of Gyatso la pass. You will have your lunch in Sakya after you finish the sightseeing in Sakya monastery.

  • Day 08 Drive from Shegar to Rongbuk monastery. ( 5000Mts/ 100Km Guest house on B.B

    You will start your tour at 9Am and drive through Pangla pass 5000Mts from which you will have a fantastic view of Mount Everest, Lhotse and Makalu respectively which are over 8000Mts. After your lunch in Rongbuk monastery, you will visit the world's highest monastery, Rongbuk. When the sun sets, you will have a fantastic view of Mount Everest in the red colored sun shade.

  • Day 09 Two hrs trek from Rongbuk to Everest Base camp.(5200Mts/ 8Km ) and then drive to Old Dingri, 4350Mts/70KM Snow Leopare hotel

    You will start your trek from Rongbuk monastery at around 10Am and it will take you to two hrs to get there. On the way you can visit a miraculous cave of Mila Repa . After two hrs trek, you get to the Everest base camp. It is the best point of enjoying the world's highest mountain and taking photos of it. You can have a basic lunch at Everest Base camp since there are many local tented tea houses where they sell instant noodles or bread etc. You will drive through a rough road for 70Km until you get to the friendship high way where Old Dingri is located. Old Dingri is one of the popular places to stop a night in order to view mount Everest for tourists especially for those who are unable to go to Mount Everest because of altitude problem.

  • Day 10 Drive to Friendship bridge( 8 Km ) and then continue to Ktm. (1300Mts/ 310Km )

    You will drive through Lalung la pass and Thongla pass which are over 5000Mts. From the top of those places, you will say final good bye to the beautiful Himalayan range including Shisha Bangma mountain which is also over 8000Mts and popular to the mountain climbers. Walk across Friendship Bridge , meet by our representative from Nepal , clear immigration procedure and obtain your Nepali visa & transfer to Kathmandu . Driving up and down in the forested mountain with beautiful villages on the slops of the both side mountains.

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