Experience The Authentic Tibetan Culture With Tibet Festival Tour

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One of the best ways to experience Tibet is through festival tours, which help visitors dig deep and immerse themselves in the local culture. Tibet festival tours are about the best types of culture tours, offered across the different regions of the territory. Festival tours in Tibet range in type and scale, but the most sought after are those that mark significant holidays and cultural celebrations in the region, from colorful Tibetan New Year festivals to the Saga Dawa Festival, Yogurt Festival, and other religious festivities that showcase the best of Tibetan traditions and culture.

One of the grandest religious and cultural festivals in Tibet, the Saga Dawa Festival or the “month of merits” is an annual observance held every fourth lunar month (according to the Tibetan calendar). Festivities typically begin in May all the way through the month of June. With a Kailash Saga Dawa Festival Tour, you will come to experience firsthand, just how sacred and important the month of merits is to Buddhist monks. This particular festival celebrates Buddha’s birth, death, and enlightenment. Buddhists believe that all actions (both negative and positive) done through the Saga Dawa period are multiplied, which is also why it is considered the best time to do meritorious acts, including pilgrimages to places that the religion regards as sacred. These places include many mountains, caves, lakes, and natural sites around Tibet, among the most important of which is Mt. Kailash.

Tibet Festival Tours are not limited to festivities and celebrations of religious nature. There are also tours that are centered on celebrations with great historic and cultural significance like the Shoton Festival, the most prominent celebrations of which are typically held in the capital of Lhasa, and major monasteries like the Drepung Monastery, which used to serve as home to the Dalai Lama.

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