Experience the Best of Cycling in Tibet with Yamdrok and Namtso Biking Tour

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Are you looking for an adventure trip this season? How about cycling trips through the valleys and rugged mountain terrains of Tibet? Think it is adventure enough to explore? Read on!

Tibet, as we are aware, stands tall and high on the beautiful Himalayan range, well secluded and secreted into its folds. The country not only has several difficult and enchanting paths to explore but has some rich cultural heritage worth experiencing. But, this entire aside, what it has is some of the best cycling tours to have that one adventure you seek.

The Tibet cycling tours, organized by the travel agencies in the country aims at providing the best experiences whatsoever, to the visitors. What does one aim at such cycling trips in such a high altitude, other than the thrill, adventure, and an experience of a lifetime it provides? If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, then why not look into the different set of cycling trips that are there for you to select?

The Yamdrok and Namtso biking tour, for instance, is one of the most beautiful tours in Tibet, as narrated by those who have braved the terrain and weather to book it. The tour typically takes you along a path that can only be best described as phenomenal, what with holy lakes and snow-covered peaks along the way for you to enjoy.

Although agreed that a Tibet cycle tour may not be as easy as the one we take in the plains, or for that matter, any mountain, it comes with its perks too. For one, you get to see some enthralling sights that will leave you awestruck and amazing. Other than the sights, the experience of traversing through the most difficult landscapes is something worth exploring.

The cycling trips are typically arranged by some of the tour operators who operate locally and have a high network of people working for them at all major points. So, from the time you land on the highest airport in the world to completing the trip on the campsite beside those lakes, you get your cycling tour organized and well-planned. The food, the stays and any other requirements are all taken care of after you have told them your priorities. There is camping at different points along the way and small detours to visit the monasteries or the temples that are in proximity to the visit point.

Many such cycling tours also include visits to villages to enjoy their hospitality, and some local shopping too. From traditional dresses to anything that takes your fancy, you can bargain and buy some interesting stuff on this biking tour.

But most of all, what enchants or attracts the bikers is the difficult and extremely hard terrain that comes along the way. Even the most experienced bikers have found it quite challenging to keep up with the climb, and that is what makes the Tibet cycling tour all the more adventurous.

If you are planning on one such cycling tour to Tibet’s select locations, ensure that you book it well in advance to cycle alongside the fascinating snow-covered peaks!

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