Experience The Ganden To Samye Trekking-One Of The Mid Level’s Best Tibet Trek

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Located in the top of the world, Tibet offers an abundance of delights to its visitors from around the world. The Ganden to Samye trekking is one such adventurous and beautiful location where you can find the spirit of Tibet lurking all through your journey.

The Ganden and Samye are two monasteries, which form a popular trekking route in Tibet, at a middle level than the others such as the Mount Kailash or the Everest base camp. Here, located at about 4000 meters about the sea level, not only are the air rare and thin, but the temperatures are freezing too.

And, there lays the adventure, to travel the distance by trekking to reach the next beautiful location on the map. The trek to Samye from Gamden offers a profusion of delights, such as, vibrant meadows, beautiful Tibetan nomad camp, flocks of Yak and sheep, high mountain passes, sweet smell bushes and many medical herbs, Yamalung sacred hermitage and cave, spiritual and enthusiastic locals and many more. The local travel agencies offer excellent packages to ensure you have everything in hand on this strange, yet enchanting route.

What makes such Tibet treks all the more challenging is the altitude and the strange rarified air that one encounters. While many might find it difficult in the beginning, the acclimatization done at the base- Lhasa by the travel agencies get us prepared for the adventure well in advance.

This trek from Ganden to Samye monasteries is a usual pilgrimage route for the locals, whom you will find camping in-between on your travel. The trek itself starts at a lower altitude and has two mountain peaks to climb, which might pose a slight challenge if you are not a seasoned traveler. Again here, one needs to mention that the travel agencies have all medical facilities and other such provisions in place to ensure you are comfortable all the time. While the trek is definitely hard and challenging, the panoramic view makes it all worthwhile.

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