Facts & Tips for A Tibet Motorbike Tour

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Positioned in the southwestern side of Tibet, the Everest Base Camp, also known as EBC, is the very first camp of the Mount Everest climbing. It is the farthest place from where the general travelers can get a glimpse of the very beautiful Mt. Everest. Tourists who are visiting Tibet need to avail organized tour and get accompanied by tour guides in every spot of this destination. No one can disobey the rules set by the National Tourism Administration. In maximum cases, Tourists prefer to visit EBC from Lhasa via bus which is provided by the travel agency. Yamdrok-Tso Lake is one of the most prominent attractions on the way to the base camp. The beauty of the magnificent mountains surrounding the lakes will make anyone feel speechless. Apart from the bus, one can reach the spot via motorbike, train or by trekking. Tourists who love adventure in life prefer to drive down to the destination on a motorbike. Tibet motorbike tour is very popular in Tibet and preferred by a huge number of tourists. There are few things that one needs to keep in mind to avoid any obstruction during the trip.

Helpful tips to make your Tibet motorbike tour a memorable one:

  • Because of high altitude, the temperature difference between day and night is common to experience and makes anyone prone to cold and cough. Altitude sickness is also common to see. You need to ensure that you wear proper clothes and carry OTC medicines with you.

  • You can hire the motorbike from the local shops offering the same. You can compare rental fees of at least 2-3 shops before you take one on rent.

  • Although biking under the sun is an enjoyable activity, but still, for skin protection, you need to wear sunglass, sunhat and put sunscreen to avoid harsh effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun.

  • For traveling in Tibet, you need to have the required Tibet Travel Permit with you. Ask your travel agent to arrange the documents for you.

  • Plan your motorbike tour in Tibet for visiting Everest Base Camp in the months of April till October. To experience safe driving on road, avoid the rainy months of July and August.

  • On your route to Everest Base camp on a motorbike, you will meet many locals and most of them are Tibetan Buddhists. We urge you to show respect to them and their religious belief.

Biking on road to reach the magnificent spot of Everest Base Camp is a lifetime experience and we recommend not missing such a chance when you are in Tibet for the trip.

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