Go For An Adventurous Journey With Tibet Mountain Bike Tour

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Taking a mountain bike tour in Tibet is many-a bike rider’s dream, especially with Tibet’s unique location in the foothills of some of the world’s highest peaks. A bike tour across Tibet would literally be a cycling-on-top-of-the-world experience to remember. However, this kind of adventure isn’t for the faint of heart (and body) as a Tibet mountain bike tour can be a physically and mentally taxing feat. Those who have the physical agility and will to take a Lhasa to Nepal mountain bike tour with Everest looming in the backdrop are rewarded with some of the most stunning sceneries any cycler could dream of, along with unique experiences as they dip into the local Tibetan culture.

Like any type of tour to the region, if you are interested in booking a mountain bike tour in Tibet, there are essential permits and travel documents that you must secure in order to ensure entry to the territory. Foreign travelers to Tibet must acquire proper travel permits, including a military permit, if visiting military areas.

You can choose to buy, rent, or even bring your own mountain bike to use for your Tibet mountain bike tour. Many agencies provide their guests with all the necessary equipment for the cycling tour, but visitors can always choose to rent or perhaps even buy gear and then decide to sell them to locals after the cycling trip. Others still prefer bringing their own equipment to ensure gear reliability and performance throughout their tour. Regardless of how you choose to obtain your cycling gear, what’s more important is to prepare for the trip accordingly, given the physical demands of a biking tour in such a high-altitude place. Physical training is crucial if you plan to travel to Tibet by cycling as well as when wishing to trek up its high peaks.

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