Great Places to Explore Peak Climbing In Tibet with Best Trekking Tour Packages

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Located at an altitude of 4500 m above the sea level, Tibet offers a plethora of enchanting peaks to gaze at and enjoy. The Tibet tour packages are arranged around these marvelous peaks.

The third pole or the rooftop of the world, as aptly called, Tibet brings in a new dimension to travel with its glorious mountains, enchanting monasteries, and curious ethnicity that it represents. Although the whole Tibet tour package focuses upon the whole cultural and nature aspect, the peaks offer a singular attraction to the viewers.

The breathtaking view of the great giant, Mt. Everest can be had on a trek to the base camp, from where several mountaineers climbed over the top. The journey is not for the faint-hearted, as those experienced would say, because of the decrease in air pressure. The view at the end of the trip, however, is worth many hardships.

Trekking to the Everest Advanced base camp is another great adventure that you will enjoy walking beyond Everest Base Camp and trekking in the most beautiful Everest Advanced glacier. You can trek all the way to Everest Advanced Base Camp of 6500mts with a very closer view of Mount Everest and a panoramic view of the entire Rongchu valley.

The peak of Jo Oyu and Shisha Bangma snow mountains is another surprising Tibet trekking and climbing tour with a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Himalayan Mountain range from the top. The beautiful valley of the Lungjiang village in old Tingri and a spectacular view of the Pekutso lake before crossing Gungthang pass.

The peak of Mount Kailash, one of the religiously acclaimed peaks of the Himalayas is again never to be missed opportunity for the tourists and enthusiasts. Well-nestled amongst the clouds, this mountain is known as the abode of Lord Shiva by the Hindus is the most visited place due to its religious significance.

The Gyama valley trek can bring you close to many peaks because of its wonderful and advantageous location. The place, known for its rich and colorful orchids, Azaleas and other wildflowers, is a heaven in the middle of that entire wild and white snow covered peaks.

Wherever you visit, Tibet brings you a surprise to behold. If you are booking a Tiber tour package, make sure that you will be visiting these peaks to have an experience of a lifetime.

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