Have an Awe-Inspiring Adventure Cycling: Know More About Tibet Cycling Tour

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Cycling in and around the majestic Tibetan plateau, hills and regions is awe-inspiring and has memorable experiences for you to remember for your whole life. There is also a lot of sightseeing involved as well in a Tibet cycling tour, while the challenges keep the adrenaline pumping.

Tibet Cycling and Mountain Biking Tours

There are only a few and hand full of mountain bike or cycling tour providers in Tibet and you should only choose a reliable and licensed one. Shambhala Adventure, a leading tour operator in Tibet that is licensed by both the Tibet and China Tourism Bureaus, has for you the group tours, private tours, treks, motorcycle and mountain bike cycling tours, among many others. The firm offers you the best cycling and mountaineering tour of the region.

Cycling Tour Attractions and High Points

You will start the cycling tour from the cultural capital of Tibet, i.e. Lhasa and will move on to explore the region quite closely. The Mount Everest base camp will be your ultimate destination. The mountain bike tour will take you through the culturally important towns of Tibet including Shigatse and Gyantse, and beautiful lakes including Yamdrok, which are also the hottest tourist attractions of the region. You can also travel through the Sakya monastery and reach to the border of Nepal if you like. The tour operator also has for you then new cycling tour via the Kartha Valley that has immense panoramic views in store for you.

Among other fascinating cycling tours, Shambala Adventure also offers you the cycling tour around the Namtso and Yamdrok lakes. The Tibet cycling tour helps you closely witness and explore the cultural and heritage points of Lhasa, and you also see the majestic Brahmaputra river. On the route are the Tibetan villages, monasteries, fascinating view of snow-capped mountains, and serene long grasslands of Tibet.

The leading tour company also has for you and exclusive Tibetan mountain cycling tour as well, which is highly popular among the tourists. This particular tour also includes a visit to the seat of the Penchen Lama and offers you the view of the majestic Mount Everest.

The cycling tours are escorted by a Van and the presence of medical boxes, oxygen cylinders, and other necessities ensure that the Tibet cycling tour is always carried out safely. Shambhala Adventure has ample of variations when it comes to cycling tours, and you can make your choice as per your wishes and interests.

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