How Can You Make Your Tibet Motorcycle Tour Memorable?

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The adventurous people lead the most fulfilling life. One of the greatest experiences for such people is to explore the whole world on two-wheels, i.e., the motorcycle. And when it comes to a trip across the lands of Tibetan plateau, no right minded biker would ever give it a pass. What could be more exciting than riding your own motorcycle in Tibet? Crossing the high altitude passes and vast arid plains of Tibet on your motorcycle is one of the most adventurous things that one can ever experience.

A tour taken in a car is a normal experience, but cycling is another. However, traveling on the open Tibet roads on a motorbike is a perfect combination of the two and could be the most interesting adventure of your life. The Tibet motorcycle tour can be one of your ultimate riding experiences as in this tour, you would ride free on the open road with lush wind in your face across the roof of the world. However, to make it memorable, there are certain tips that must be followed. Some of them are listed below-

  1. Travel documents required for Tibet motorbike tour

If you plan to enter Tibet from Nepal side, i.e., Kathmandu, then you need to take the Tibet Permit along with China Group Visa. You must also add at least three more days to your itinerary for a stay in Kathmandu to get the Group Visa processed. On the other hand, if you wish to enter Tibet from mainland China cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Xining, Chengdu or Guangzhou, etc. then you need to get your Chinese Visa and then Tibet Permit. This permit is required to take a flight or train to Lhasa.

If you wish to drive your own motorbike legally in Tibet, then you must have the Chinese Driving License and the Chinese License Plates. Keep aside at least one or two days for the same. However, a more comfortable and efficient way would be to rent a motorcycle in Tibet. There are many travel agencies in the country that help in arranging the same. Many good brands of motorcycles are available to choose from ranging from Enfield to BMW.

  1. Select a Good Season for Your motorbike tour in Tibet

Tibet is a good motorbike destination all year around except for the wet monsoon season which starts from mid-July and lasts till early September. The time from mid-April to early July and September to early November is the right time to have a motorcycle tour for visiting the Himalayan Range, especially the Everest Base Camp. Enjoy the deep blue skies and crisp winds on your face.

 Find out about the precautions to undertake when planning Tibet motorcycle tour

Since Tibet is located at a high altitude, there are some unique risks to your health. Apart from these, one needs to be careful from road accidents and dog bites. Before you actually start traveling, ensure that you are fully healthy. If you have planned a long trip, make sure that your teeth are fine. Take your prescription, medical kit and spare spectacles, if you wear one. To meet any kind of contingencies, health insurance is a must. If you happen to get very sick or seriously injured, you would need to be evacuated by air in this remote location. Your health policy must cover evacuation. Additionally, carry chlorine tablets to purify the water that you drink or cook with but it is not completely effective. Alternately, you may arrange for iodine.

  1. Safeguard yourself from High Altitude Health Hazards during your Tibet motorbike tour

As Tibet is at high altitude, Acute Motion Sickness is common. Upper respiratory tract infections may also get aggravated here. Severe symptoms can strike at just about any time and the best way to prevent such conditions would be to avoid rapid ascents. Rest frequently. Frostbites are also common if you do not keep your body adequately covered.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to have a memorable Tibet motorcycle tour.

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