How to go to Tibet from Nepal by land?

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Zhangmu, Gyirong or Kyirong and Hilsa Borders

There are four ways to go to Tibet from Nepal. One way to go to Tibet from Nepal is by air ( fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu ) and another way to go to Tibet from Nepal is by land ( Nepal to Gyirong border, Nepal to Zhangmu border, Nepal to Hilsa border )

Zhangmu was one of the most popular ways to go to Tibet from Nepal prior to the earth Quake in Nepal in 2015.

Zhangmu, which can be known in three different languages as “Dram in Tibetan” “Zhangmu in Chinese” and “Khasa in Nepali” Language.

It is a custom town and a border between Nepal and Tibet which located in Nyalam County under Shigatse District. On Nepal side there is a town called Kodari. The friendship bridge is the border line between Nepal and Tibet, where tourist crossing the border and trade are happening between Tibet and Nepal.

The altitude of Zhangmu is 2300 meters ( 7546ft ) above sea level and have very pleasant climate of mild and humid, hot in summer, rainy, snowy but warm in winter as compare to other place in Tibet. It surrounds with bushed, trees and greeneries & flowers blossomed almost throughout the year.

Zhangmu was also quite noisy as well because of many trucks loaded with the things, transportation take place. You can find schools, banks, restaurant, bazaar, offices, hotels etc. besides the street. Everyday lots of trucks loaded with things from Nepal as well as China are going between narrow roads.

Zhangmu has become the most welcome sight both for Tourist as well as well as for traders.

For tourists who like to go to Tibet from Nepal, it was very exciting and convenient to go to Tibet from Zhangmu because in the one hand, they can reach Zhangmu border in 4 hours drive and in the other hand, they can get to Everest Base Camp from Tibet side in two days, magnificent Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.

Because of the beautiful place and some custom paper work, it is worth to stay overnight in Zhangmu. There is 790km away from Lhasa city to Zhangmu and there are many cultural sights to visit between Zhangmu and Lhasa during your Tibet trekking tour. .

Unfortunately, April 2015 Nepal and the bordered towns of Tibet hit by the earth quake very badly and being a border Zhangmu and Gyirong also effected with loss of local people’s life and homes, which led the local people of Zhangmu were evacuated and stayed in Shigatse until now.

But in 29th May 2019, the Zhangmu border was re-opened only for the small business. We are looking forward to the day announcement for reopening Zhangmu for the tourist and local people to return back to their hometown.

Zhangmu and Gyirong Border Bridge was badly damaged by the earth quake but Gyirong border experienced quicker recover & safer and open the border for trade as well as for tourists who travel to Tibet from Nepal or the tourists who can travel to Nepal from Tibet.

Gyirong was a restrict area until 2017 and it was closed to both tourists and trades. In around September 2017, Gyirong border was opened to both trades and tourists and it has become the most popular border for the tourists who go to Tibet from Nepal.


Gyirong Border with the altitude of 2800meters ( 8900fts) has monsoon climate with warm weather. Gyirong has higher in altitude as compare to Zhangmu Border. It is under Shigatse District as well. On the other side, there have Rasuwa fort of Nepal. The Gyirong Border Bridge were reconstructed after damaged by the earth quake hit in 2015.

Thus, the tourist and trade are happening there since 2017. Most of tourists like to choose Nepal to Tibet Overland tour through Gyriong Border. Gyirong has a beautiful valley known as Gyirong Valley.


Gyirong is worth to stay overnight which you could enjoy the pleasant weather with greeneries all around. In Gyirong, You can also visit some sights like Pakba Lhakang (Monastery). The monastery was built by King Songtsen Gampo and the structure of monastery is very much like Nepali Temple.

The ruins of Gongtang Kingdom which was first found by King Songtsen Gampo. There is also an old temple called Dolma Lhakang.

Rigsong-Gonpo Statue which means statue of the three Bodhisattvas, the statue was carved on the rock. In the middle, there is Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, on the left there is Vajrapani Bodhisattva and on the next left, Manjushri Bodhisattva.


If you want to visit Everest, then there is around 400km driving distance from Gyirong which will take about 7 hrs and on the way, you will see the most beautiful landscape of Pekutso lake, Shisha Bangma and Jo Oyu snow mountains.

The tourists can travel from Nepal to Tibet via Gyirong-Old Tingri-Rongbuk-Everest Base Camp from Tibet side-Shigatse-Gyantse Lhasa or the vise verse. By road, Gyirong has a distance of about 850 kilometers from Lhasa if you drive directly. The port is only 18km away from Gyirong Town which will take about 40min drive.

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It is the key point and very important to choose the best season to travel to Tibet from Nepal via Gyirong border. From May to Oct is the best time to go to Tibet from Nepal via Gyirong as well.

There is no much snow in winter in Gyirong. If you choose to do Tibet winter tour through Gyirong, then Gyirong has very pleasant weather.


There is no hotels or guest house at the border itself But there are some good hotels and guest houses in Gyirong town where tourists are allowed to stay.

We Tibet Shambhala Adventure will take care of everything like accommodation, transportation, food etc. throughout the Tibet trip. In Gyirong, you will get Tibetan, Nepali and Chinese meals.


The custom at Gyirong Border opens at 10:00 and close at 17:30 Beijing Time. Gyirong Port is the largest Overland port in Tibet where trading are happening and handling thousands of tourists through this border. It is the only overland entry into Tibet Autonomous Region from Nepal.


Another way to go to Tibet from Nepal is Hilsa border. Hilsa border is located close to Purang county. Purang county is one of the lowest areas of Ngari regions with a altitude of 3600mts above sea level, located to the south of Mount Kailash at the distance of 120km.

The things to see between Hilsa border and Purang county are Korzhak or Korcha monastery which has more than a thousand years history and different kinds of ethnic people including Nepali, Tibetan and Chinese.


The best time to go to Tibet from Nepal through Hilsa border is from May-Mid October and many tourists choose the trekking route from Simikot to Hilsa border. They trek from Simikot to Hilsa border for around 7 days and cross the border and get to Mount Kailash. There are thousands of Indian pilgrims who fly to Hilsa border by helicopter and drive to Mount Kailash.

Hilsa border usually opens by around 10. Am Beijing time until 5.00 Pm but usually the Chinese army comes to the custom any time between this specific time if the local Tibetan travel guide requests them.

The distance from Hilsa border to Kailash is just around 160km with a very good road condition. On the way, you will have fantastic view of Mt Kailash, Rakshastal lake and Mansarovar lake. The distance from Hilsa border to Lhasa is 1365km through the wilderness of the western plateau and Shigatse city.

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