How to Prepare Yourself for a Tibet Kailash Tour?

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Mount Kailash is a divine place for many individuals of different faiths- Hindus, Buddhists, Bons, and Jains. Hundreds and thousands of disciples go for trekking around this religious mountain on a yearly basis. It is a trek that has been honoured for its holy significance for countless years and numerous more to come. The difficult and demanding nature of Kailash tour does not stop the tourists or pilgrims from signing up for this trek and finishing it. Mount Kailash, with the elevation of 6,638 metres is the highest peak of the Kailash range. The first thing on your mind while planning your tour to Mount Kailash shall be choosing proper climate and time of the year for visiting.

How to prepare for Kailash Pilgrimage tour?

  1. Sleeping bags

During your Tibet Kailash Tour, a sleeping bag is a must. The bags which have the capability to stand freezing climate are highly recommended. You can either buy these bags or even rent them. Many tourists even combine two sleeping bags to stay extra warm. You can also get fleece blankets for keeping yourself warm and safe from the cold. There is the availability of good sleeping bags in Tibet as well.

  1. Clothes and shoes

The climate in Tibet change very frequently. So, it is suggested to carry your warm winter clothes even if you go there in the summer season as the nights get extremely cold. You should not resist bringing proper warm clothing for yourself since you might even trek on high altitudes. If you don’t cover up yourself properly, you are prone to frost bites which will do nothing but make you miserable throughout your Kailash trek. You must also keep good snow hiking shoes since the regular or casual shoes might not fulfil the need of proper grip for trekking in the snow. Some more important clothes to keep are waterproof jackets, gloves, woollen clothes, cotton t-shirts & pants, hiking shoes, warm scarves, hats, tennis shoes, bandanas, etc.

  1. Food and drinks

If you go to remote or secluded areas, it will be very difficult to find much variety of food. And, after a point it’ll just be vegetables and fruits. You must carry some instant food and snacks like noodles, soup, almonds, energy bars, chocolates, biscuits, etc. which may provide instant energy to a person. Also, you are highly recommended to carry at least two 1L water bottles with some energy drinks. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated while trekking in high altitude ranges. You must also take small packets of electrolyte in case you feel dehydrated at any point of the tour.

  1. Travel permits and documents

Foreigners or outsiders require a special permit to cross the borders of Tibet, which is called the Tibet Travel Permit.  The Tibet Travel Permit can only be arranged via your travel agency. Documents required to get this permit are a few identification documents along with the passport. For trekking near Mount Kailash, you require two more permits which are Military permit and Aliens’ Travel permit. While choosing up a travel agency, you must make sure that the company is verified as an officially registered Tibetan travel agency. You must carry your passport everywhere you go and also carry your photo ID & the valid details of your travel agency.

  1. Drugs and other equipment

Since its health we are talking about, there must be no risking factors. So, before you go to the tour, you must visit your doctor once and get yourself prescribed for any kind of altitude sickness because most of the tourists experience it irrespective of their age and gender. There is plenty of necessary stuff that you might need during your trip which include medicines for diarrhea, altitude sickness medicines, bandaids, cotton, sprain bandage, antiseptic cream, antibiotics, etc.

  1. Skin protection and other equipment

In high areas, the UV rays are much more harsh and strong than in lower altitudes. It is necessary to use sunblocks for shielding your skin. It is suggested to buy the sun blocks with SPF more than 30. Also, carry extra toiletries in regards with personal hygiene since you might not find them very easily during your trip. You must carry stuff like wet wipes, sunglasses, sunblock, toothbrush and paste, lip balm, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, tissue rolls, etc.

  1. Other things to take

Other things that you must keep are as follows:

  • Books/ kindle
  • Playing cards
  • Extra batteries for cameras
  • Binoculars
  • Walking or hiking sticks
  • Maps and guidebooks
  • Money / credit or debit cards

These are the most important things that you must take during your tour to Mount Kailash to make your trip a success with ease. Also, buy a suitable and comfortable backpack to carry all the necessities.

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