How to Prepare Yourself for the Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour

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The trip to the Everest base camp is something that many take every year, either by treks or by guided tours on road. The Tibet base camp tour is aimed at helping you to reach the ‘base camp’ for the visitors where you get to see the equipment used by the real-time hikers. Not only just that, but you get to actually see the Mount Everest in its full glory too.

Not only are the base camp tours aimed at giving you a sneak preview of the peak itself and the lives of mountaineers, but the tour also helps you experience that high altitude air. With the final destination at 5000 meters, it is as high as you can reach, without making that actual climb. And, hence, you need to be all prepared and ready to make the climb all the more exciting and enchanting, sans any difficulties that usually comes with a climb that high.

So, in order to prepare yourself for the climb, you need to start quite early. For one, you need to ensure that you have all permits and licenses ready to take the trip into the base of the highest peak of the world. Permits and licenses are usually obtained through the local Tibetan travel agent. Alternatively, the tour operators who arrange for such Tibet Everest base camp tours can also help you with the permit to make it easier for you to travel without any worries to start your trek. It takes roughly a week or 10 days for the permits to come through. There are special permissions and different permits of a different set of climbs or treks. Enquire before applying, or approach a local tour operator to make it simpler and easier.

The next step is to understand what kind of gear or equipment is required for the climb. Nowadays, there are very good roads available from several points in Tibet to the Everest base camp. All you need to do is to book a Tibet Everest base camp tour with a travel agent to enjoy a drive through the good road that connects the camp to cities like Shigatse. However, that does not mean you just reach these cities and travel along the path laid out, straight into the base camp.

When you arrive at the city of Lhasa from the airport, the travel agencies help you to acclimatize yourself to the high altitude before embarking on the trip. While it might look easier, many have complained of dizziness and headache when they are subjected to sudden altitude change. So, the more you spend exploring Lhasa or other major attractions along the way, the easier it would be to soak in the feeling of joy you experience at the Everest base camp.

Again, if you have booked yourself on the Tibet Everest Base camp tour, you will have the extreme fun exploring several enchanting views along the way. From the monasteries of Tibet to the mountains and the lakes such as the Yamdrok, there are sights galore to enjoy and soak in their beauty.

This long trip or detour to the Everest base camp will not only help your body to acclimatize with the high altitude air but also will provide you immense delight too. The entrancing world of beautiful peaks and valleys and lakes thrown in will make the trek to the Everest base camp interesting and keep you at the edge of your seats in anticipation.  The stays and food are taken care of, by the local tour guides, therefore making it easier for you to enjoy the delights rather than thinking mundane thoughts.

The end of the Tibet Everest base camp tour is definitely a sight worth experiencing once in a lifetime. When you reach the destination, the first view of the Mt Everest in all its glory will make you awestruck and speechless with wonder and delight!

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