Ideas To Help You Plan Your Tibet Travel With The Best Tour Services

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International trips come with a set of pros and cons. As a traveler, we get the scope to know a new country, its culture, and tradition when we opt for any foreign destination travel. Is the mood this time is to visit the destination of Tibet? If yes, then we are confident that there will be a good number of questions which will be coming to your mind.   We will love to share with you a few tips and ideas which will make your trip amazing and memorable one.

Make application for the permit of Tibet travel:

As per the regulations set by the National Tourism Administration, all foreign travelers, excluding Hong Kong and Macao residents are not allowed entry as solo travelers if you come from Nepal to Tibet. Only group travelers will be allowed to make entry.  Connect with any Tibet travel service provider for your Tibet Travel Permits in groups. So for Tibet, it is advisable for you to book group packages only and solo travel will not be permitted but if you come from mainland China to Tibet, you are still allowed to travel to Tibet with a solo traveler as well and make sure that you have your own China visa from the Chinese embassy in your own country and your local travel agent will help you to apply the Tibet entry and road permits from Lhasa and send the original permits to mainland China where you are going to take the flight to Lhasa as you need the original Tibet permits to board the flight and going through the security.

Best time to visit Tibet:

The best time for visiting Tibet is from April till end of October and the peak season for visiting Tibet is between July to September. If this period is not suitable for you then you can also visit Tibet during the period ranging from end of October to February. The second option will be a good choice in case you wish to travel in a peaceful environment will low rush. This season experiences fewer tourists and offers excellent discounts in packages.

Book packages from a reputed tour and travel planner:

Arrangements of the trip need to be made in a very systematic manner taking into consideration traveler’s comforts and needs.  When you book package from a reputed tour planner and especially a local one you get required attention.  Group tours cost you less and help you explore all major points of the visit in Tibet without any hassle. Your medical needs will be taken care of by the travel agencies subject to the fact you intimated them in advance.

We advise you to check the below list of major places of visit in your itinerary. If there is any missed place then talk to your travel planner for inclusion.

  1. Potala Palace
  2. Jokhang Temple
  3. Drepung monastery
  4. Sera monastery
  5. Norbu Lingka
  6. Ganden monastery
  7. Samye monastery
  8. Yumbu Lhakang and Traduk temple
  9. Palchoe monastery and Kubum Pagoda stupa
  10. Tashi Lhunpo monastery
  11. Sakya monastery
  12. Kailash and lake Mansarovar
  13. Guge Kingdom
  14. Kyunglung Guru Gyam
  15. Mount Everest View

There are many other places of Visit in Tibet but the above ones are must visit. If you miss any of them you will miss the chance to know the real beauty of Tibet.

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