Immerse Yourself in Tibet: Tailored Tour Packages for Every Wanderer

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Tibet Tour Packages for Every Wanderer

Tibet offers a lot to those who seek adventures in less explored places. The region is known for its wide, high-up landscapes, hidden trails, vibrant festivals, and deep-rooted old culture. Despite facing many difficulties over time, the spirit and resilience of the people of Tibet continue to stand strong.

Tibet remains a place where belief and tradition are respected. It keeps its old ways alive, making it a special spot for travelers. Seeing the places Tibetans hold sacred offers powerful moments. These experiences stick with those who go there, often for a long time after their trip.

So, if you are currently looking for Tibet tour packages, then the following insider insights from us at Tibet Shambhala Adventure Co. Ltd are for you!

When is the best time for Tibet tour packages?

  • The summer season in Tibet begins in mid May and continues until the end of September or the start of October, with the some rains in July and August. Therefore, the ideal times to do trekking in Tibet will be April, May, June, September and till mid October. If you are just traveling in Tibet without trekking, the July and August is another great time to travel in Tibet because these two months are the middle of the summer in Tibet and it is the most comfortable months in Tibet eventhough it is monsoon. The monsoon in Tibet is not the same as the monsoon in the countries which are at sea level because we don’t get much rain in Tibet during the monsoon also so you don’t have to worry about the monsoon in Tibet if you are just traveling.
  • From April to October, Tibet sees the most visitors. If you travel early in this period, you’ll catch the last of the snow around Lhasa without much trouble. By the end of this time, in autumn, the changing leaves add beautiful colors to the scenery, and harvest celebrations take place in October.
  • Winter brings its own beauty to Tibet, too, showcasing snowy landscapes and offering lower travel costs. However, from December to February, the high mountains and walking paths cannot be used for trekkers, and some roads may be closed for a short period of time when there is a heavy snow. Lhasa remains a viable option in winter, offering clear, bright days though they are cold, especially with the wind chill, and nighttime temperatures drop below freezing from end of November through February.
  • The start of the year in Tibet is marked by Losar, or the Tibetan New Year, taking place in February or March. It’s a time of joy that lasts 15 days, with the biggest celebrations happening in the first three. However, sometimes getting a visa during Losar might be tough due to the festival holiday time, so checking visa and Tibet travel permits availability beforehand is wise.
  • For those dreaming of a visit to Everest Base Camp, the months of April, May, and the beginning of June, as well as from late September to early December, offer the clearest views of Mount Everest. During July and August, clouds often hide the peak, making it difficult to see sometimes.

What to look for in a travel agency for Tibet tour packages?

To fully enjoy Tibet, you need a travel company you can trust. A top agency should offer safe rides, get the right passes for trips beyond Lhasa, and provide local guides ready to help and share insider tips for a hassle-free adventure.

  • Check the travel firm’s achievements, certificates, and what people say about the quality of their services. Look at feedback from other tourists to understand their strengths and the standard of their offerings.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure proudly holds a spot in the top ten best Tibet travel companies, as named by the Tibet Tourism Bureau in 2018, and also received praise for being the most original Tibet travel agency from the Tibet Travel Agent Association. These awards make us confident in our claim as a leading choice for your Tibet tour packages.

  • Second, it’s important to look at what the trip includes. Good travel companies make plans that are easy to follow and fit what you like to do.At Tibet Shambhala Adventure, we have many different trips you can choose from. Whether you’re into celebrating Tibet’s festivals, riding motorcycles across its terrain, hiking its trails, taking a train tripbiking around its mountains, or exploring it in winter, we’ve got something for you.
  • Furthermore, it’s critical that the people who guide and drive for your trip know what they’re doing and are experts in Tibet’s unique culture and places.Here at Tibet Shambhala Adventure, every team member from our guides to our drivers is not just skilled but deeply understands the local customs and spots. This guarantees not only your safety but also ensures you get the real deal experience of Tibet.

If you’re trying to choose between Tibet tour packages, know that our agency is a reputable choice. For over 17 years, we’ve led small groups through Tibet’s diverse landscapes. Our tours are made for no more than 9 people. This makes sure everyone gets top-notch service. Plus, in such a small group, you get to uncover new sights and build friendships.

For your trip to Tibet, we will give you your own guide from the start. This person will talk to you, help plan your trip, and make sure it fits what you want and how much you can spend.

Book one of our Tibet tour packages today by calling us at +86-891-6327838 or emailing

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