Interesting Facts & Tips for A Tibet Group Tour

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Tibet is one such destination of the world which is full of natural as well as pure cultural beauty. Tibet is positioned on the northern side of the famous Himalayan ranges. Tibet holds a different reputation in the tourism industry for being one of the most difficult destinations to travel. Well, the fact is that reaching Tibet is not that difficult, subject to the fact that you avail services from a reputed travel company. We would like to share with you a few things which you must know before visiting Tibet.

You need to go for an organized tour to travel to Tibet. Many are not aware that solo travel is not allowed in Tibet without a local tour operator with accompanying an English speaking guide throughout your Tibet tour. All tourists need to be a part of an organized tour with Tibet travel permits. You need to take the assistance of a travel company to reach here. Tour arrangements and permits will be taken care of by the travel company. It is advisable to get your bookings done at least two months before the date of departure.

Tibet group tour is not needed for this destination. Many confuse organized tour as a group tour, but yes such tours will fit your budget well. You need to follow a fixed itinerary when you are on a group tour and no customization will be allowed. A private tour will cost your bit high but that you can manage if you want freedom in your trip. If you want to enjoy a great trip at a budgeted cost then go for group tours.

Tibet is visited at any time of the year but you need to choose the right destination in Tibet because during the winter time, we don’t recommend to travel to Mt Kailash as it is extremely cold and most of the accommodations are closed. You can still visit the central part of Tibet such as Lhasa, Tsetang, Gyantse, Shigatse and even to Everest but not overnight at Rongbuk monastery. Just a day excursion from Shegar to Rongbuk monastery during the winter time since all the guest

houses are closed during the winter time. You can also visit the eastern forest region of Tibet called Nyinngtri during the winter time as it is 2900mts only and it is very easy to connect by the flight from Chengdu or you can also drive from Lhasa to Nyingtri which is just 4 hours drive through the newly made high way between Lhasa and Nyingtri. The winter in Tibet is considered from end of November till end of February and during the summer time which is from April till end of November, you can visit any parts of Tibet including Mt Kailash, Everest as well.

From Tibet, you will get the best glimpse of Mt. Everest. Everest base camp will be there in the Tibet side which can be reached via road starting Lhasa and offers a spectacular view. You need to check the ideal period for visiting Tibet before you book your package. Local travel agencies offer good packages at affordable rates.

Tibet is one of the wonderful regions of the Himalayas and very few foreign tourists managed to experience it so far.

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