Key Attractions that you Should Include in your Tibet Tour Package

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Have you ever considered traveling to Tibet, the ‘rooftop of the world’? Have you booked yourself on a Tibet tour package? Then you should know more about the place before your intended visit.

Tibet stands tall and prestigious at an altitude where only the winds and the spirits confer. Here, at this high altitude, and with impossible landscape stay a few million who have made it their home and love to invite their guests with open arms. And, even if they fail to smile, the snow-covered mountains and the breeze flowing across the valleys will definitely wink and wave at you to welcome you into their confines.

There are not enough words to describe the feeling that engulfs you when you visit Tibet. That is why the travel agencies make matters easier for you by taking it on their hands to book a perfect Tibet tour package of your choice. So, if you are all set to travel to Tibet, here are some of the key attractions that you are bound to encounter, one time or the other.

The ancient city of Lhasa

Situated at an altitude of 3656 meters above the sea level, this ancient city of Lhasa is considered one of the ancient cities of the world. Here, in their mysterious confines, you encounter some of the wonders for which people travel to Tibet in the first place. The Potala palace stands in its all-glory with its golden rooftops shimmering in that snowy sun. The Palace visit is a must in any Tibet tour package. They then move along to the Jokang temple and the famous Norbulingka Palace. Both the palaces have been the abode of Dalai Lama in the past and have several secrets embedded in its walls. The sightseeing trip of Lhasa is included in every tour package – no tour is complete without a visit to the enthralling city of Lhasa.

Freshwater Lakes of Tibet

There are several beautiful, scenic and perfectly glorious rivers and lakes in Tibet. Starting from the Kyichu and the Brahmaputra river to the Yamdrok lake, these water bodies are unlike any you have seen or experienced. The Yamdrok Lake, one of the largest of the three sacred lakes of Tibet has such religious significance that hearing the whole story will give anyone goosebumps. The Yangbajing hot springs are another attraction in a Tibet tour package. The hot springs are located at a distance of 90 kilometers from Lhasa and have some magnificent valleys where you can see nomad camps, yaks and sheep along the slopes.

Beautiful snow-covered peaks

There are snow peaks and mountain passes galore. If you are an enthusiastic mountaineer or a trekker, nothing can stop you from having your hearts full at what Tibet has to offer. The Makalu peak, Cho Oyu, Kangchenjunga, everywhere you see, you spot such beauty all around. The Mount Everest again does not need any introductions to mankind. Even if you cannot climb its magnificent height, you can always have a sneak peek at the Everest base camp and enjoy a chat with the mountaineers who have braved it all.

Monasteries and temples

From Lhasa to wherever you travel, you will encounter unique and enchantingly haunting monasteries wherever you travel in Tibet. The Tibet tour packages are designed to include all the main and famous monasteries of Tibet, such as the Samye, Tashi-Lhunpo and the Palchoe and Drepung and Sera monasteries. However, if you want to explore more, you can always do so to your heart’s content.

Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon

The world’s longest, and most perilous canyon, and one at a very high altitude, the Grand Canyon attracts several visitors from around the world every year. There are several such valleys and mountain passes that can be covered along the way to famous destinations of Tibet.

When it comes to Tibet, every inch of it is as fascinating as the travelogues and tour guides suggest. While it may not be possible to cover everything at one go, you can always enjoy the most famous spots of your choice within the stipulated time. For this, you need to pick out the best Tibet tour package of your choice to take back some wonderful memories home!

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