Ktm-Dram-Nepal border Kailash Tholing Ali-Kashigar

27 Days
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This itinerary is one of the most adventurous in Tibet, starting at the Nepal/Tibet border and ending in the gateway city of Kashigar in Xijiang. This program combines the holy Mount Kailash, Tholing monastery, the ancient Guge Kingdom and Lake Mansarovar with an extension tour to Kashigar. Situated at the foot of the impressive Pamir mountains, Kashigar was once the key trading post bridging the East and the West. Largely inhabited by the Uygurs, this ancient city is dotted with Muslim architecture and still retains the exotic feel of the Silk Road era. We will visit Kashigar's lively markets, which attract thousands of people from the far corners of the region. They come here to sell, bargain, and trade everything ranging from camels to raisins.



  • Day 1

    KTM/Kodari Hotel

  • Day 2

    Kodari/Zhangmu/Milarepa Gompa(40km). CampKodari/Zhangmu/Milarepa Gompa(40km). Camp

  • Day 3

    Milarepa Gompa (aclimatization day). Camp

  • Day 4

    Milarepa Gompa - Drongba (340km). Camp

  • Day 5

    Drongba - Lake Mansarovar - Seralung Gompa (330km). CamDrongba - Lake Mansarovar - Seralung Gompa (330km). Camp

  • Day 6

    Trek Seralung - Trugo (5-6hrs). Camp

  • Day 7

    Short trek Trugo - Gossul - Chiu(4hrs). Camp

  • Day 8

    Trek Chiu - Langpong - Darchen - Darpoche(4-5hrs). Camp

  • Day 9

    Darpoche festival day. Camp

  • Day 10

    Darpoche - Dirapuk. Camp

  • Day 11

    Start Trek to Dira Phuk (5010m/18km 4900Mt). Camp

  • Day 12

    Trek across Drolmala and continue to the campsite (5200m/15km). Camp

  • Day 13

    Trek to Darchen (4660m/18km) and drive to Guru Gyam. Camp

  • Day 14

    Guru Gyam - Tholing(170km). Guest house

  • Day 15

    Visit Tholing monastery and Guge Kingdom. Guest house

  • Day 16

    Tholing - Dungkar (80km). Camp

  • Day 17

    Dungkar - Laoche la - Ayi La - Namru (75Kkm). Camp

  • Day 18

    Namru - Ali (4280m/190km). Hotel

  • Day 19

    Ali - Rutog (4000m/110km). Camp

  • Day 20

    Rutog - Duoma (190km). Camp

  • Day 21

    Duoma - Aksai Chin - Dahongluitan (340km). Camp or guest house

  • Day 22

    Dahongluitan - Mazarn (260km). Camp or Guest house

  • Day 23

    Mazar - Yecheng (1765m/180km). Hotel

  • Day 24

    Yecheng - Da Tong Xiang (250km). Hotel

  • Day 25

    Da Tong Xiang - Tashikurgan (190km). Hotel

  • Day 26

    Explore Tashikurgan. Hotel

  • Day 27

    Tashikurgan - Kashigar (1500m/100km)

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