Temples and monasteries around Lhasa city are re-opened

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In accordance with the spirit of the Chinese Central Government, and according to the overall arrangement of the epidemic prevention and control work of the district and municipal party committees, after the Buddhist Association of Lhasa City fully solicited the opinions and suggestions of the temples and monasteries in Tibet.

it was decided that all temples and monasteries in the city and the main urban area except the Jokhang Temple has gradually been reopened from May 20, 2020 after more than four months closure since the Covid 19 was spread world wide even though Tibet does not have the cases of the disease.

After the temples and monasteries around Lhasa city are opened to the public, the local people are required to show ID cards to enter the monasteries or temples for worship and the tourists are required not only to show the ID cards or passports but also they should scan the QR code for the ID card and epidemic prevention and control itinerary to enter the temple for visiting.

Another important kind notice is that Please wear masks consciously when visiting temples and monasteries, and cooperate with the health workers and security guards for body temperature detection, disinfection and other prevention and control work.

The Buddhist association of Lhasa city also urges all the pilgrims and the tourists that Crowding, staying close to each other and gathering are strictly prohibited.

All temples and monasteries are required to strictly implement the overall prevention and control requirements for external input and internal rebound, strictly control the entrance to religious activities, and deepen the prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, mask wearing, disinfection, and regular ventilation inside the temples and monasteries to ensure the safety and healthy environment of the visitors.

All temples and monasteries in the city are temporarily required not to hold any kinds of  religious activities with the participation of believers and also not allowed to have religious ceremony or monks chanting in the assembly hall.

Jokhang Temple is currently not opened to the public due to the implementation of the overall safety and renovation of fire immigration systems of the temple and the upgrading of electricity and the protection work of cultural relics.

Opening time of the Jokang temple to the public will be notified separately. After hearing this good news, I think slowly Tibet travel business will be picked up and there will be more FIT domestic tourists from mainland China.

We request the majority of pilgrims or tourists to give their understanding and support of this announcement.

Lhasa Buddhist Association

May 19, 2020

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