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Lhasa private Tibet tours

Since Tibet was opened to the foreign tourists who live in mainland China after the pandemic, there are more and more tourists who are requesting Lhasa private tour. Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet and it is the head quarter of Tibet Autonomous Region where the most important government offices of Tibet Autonomous Region are located. Lhasa is also called a sunny city as Lhasa city shines the sun very brightly in most period of the time of the year.

Lhasa is located in the center of the Tibetan high plateau and the Northside of the Himalayan Mountain at the elevation of 3650mts above sea level. The present city is located at the shore of the Kyichu river is one of the biggest tributary of Brahmaputra river, known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibetan which starts from Mt Kailash in the western part of Tibet, flows through the western plateau of Ngari and Shigatse regions, through the Yarlung valley, Nyingtri, the eastern forest region of Tibet and finally it goes into India.

Originally, Lhasa was a small city with the Potala Palace to the west end gate of the city and Jokang temple to the center of the city and the Mosque next to the Jokang temple was located to the east end gate of the city but nowadays, the city was expended to a larger size of around 20km distance to the east side and around 20Km distance to the west side as well as around 10Km distance wider to the north side and around 8km distance wider to the south side so there are many more things to see during your Lhasa private tour.

The Lhasa private tour can take you to visit the Potala Palace, one of the seven wonders of the world and it is the most important religious center of Tibetan people. From point of the tourists, no matter domestic or foreign tourists, the Potala Palace is a must visit site when they take Lhasa private tour. Another most important place that you can visit during your Lhasa private tour is the Jokang temple which is registered as the UNESCO world heritage site and it is believed to be one of the most sacred temple in Tibet as there is a very holy statue of Buddha Shakya Muni who was the founder of the Buddhism. The statue is believed to be built according to the 12 years old of the Buddha when the Buddha was alive with more than 2500 years history so the Jokang temple is a must visit site no matter whether you are a domestic or foreign tourists. Walking around the Bharkor Bazzar is another very interesting place to go as you see many Tibetans walking around the temple, prostrating around the temple by wearing different kinds of colorful Tibetan traditional clothes. Bharkor Bazzar is also the right place to buy the souvenir from Tibet.

If you are interested in learning more about Tibetan Buddhism, then you can visit Drepung and Sera monasteries, the largest monasteries in the olden days, Ramoche temple and other small monasteries around Lhasa including Muru Nyingpa monastery, Kundeling monastery, thousand Buddha caves, Pabongka temple etc. When you take Lhasa private tour, if you like to visit more modern cities of Lhasa, then you can go to visit the Liwu newly developed city which is located to the south bank of Lhasa River, Tsochokling also located to the south bank of Lhasa city, dominated by the live show theater of the Princess Wencheng of the Tang court which is directly facing towards the Potala Palace. You can also visit a very sacred and historical monastery called Tsechokling monastery and if you want to visit the schools in Lhasa, then you can go to newly developed city, dominated by all the schools and education bureau which is located to the eastern part of the Lhasa city.

Apart from seeing temples, monasteries during your Lhasa private tour, you can also have a day trip to some of the villages around Lhasa city. During the summer time, Tibetans like to go out of Lhasa city and find a nice meadow or small grassland where there is water to have picnic so there are many places around Lhasa city that you can have picnic. One of the recommended places to go to have picnic with local people is the Taktse Painam valley which is located to the east of Lhasa city at the distance of around 25km from Lhasa city. The road condition is very good and the scenery on the way is very beautiful. You will pass by many beautiful Tibetan villages, trees, beautiful barley field, stream water flow, Tibetan Yak, nomad camp and some of the wild lives. It is very interesting to go to have picnic with local Tibetan people. Once you reach there, you can talk with Tibetan people, you can share the live experience with Tibetan people, you can share the food with Tibetan people, you can play dice in the tent with local Tibetan so it is an authentic Tibetan experience during your Lhasa private tour.

If you like a short hiking and trekking during your Lhasa private tour, what you can do is to plan a day trip to Taktse Painam valley as there is a very beautiful nomadic valley, dominated by beautiful green grassland, stream water fall, beautiful Tibetan prayer flags and the black Tibetan nomad tent. Once you reach the nomadic camp, you can do around 4 hours hiking in the valley near the stream which is extremely beautiful. On the way, you can see Tibetan Yak, Sheep, and wild animals if you are lucky enough. In the nomadic area, you can experience the Tibetan nomad lives such as how to milk the Yak, how to make Yogurt, how to make butter etc, how to ride Yak, how to ride horse etc. It is another extremely beautiful authentic experience.

If you want to take a longer day excursion around Lhasa city during your Lhasa private tour, you can take a day trip to Ganden monastery which is the mother monastery of Yellow hat school and it has more than 600 hundred years history. On the way, you can visit Dark Yerpa cave that has more than 1300 year’s history. Another day trip that you can take is a day trip to Tsurphu monastery at the distance of around 60km from Lhasa, Tsurphu monastery is the mother monastery of Kagyupa sect in Tibetan Buddhism and it is also the seat of Karmapa, the first reincarnation of the Tibetan Lama.

If you want to visit some natural scenic spots, we recommend you to take a day trip to Yamdrok lake which is at the distance of around 100km from Lhasa and on the way, you can see beautiful Tibetan villages, Tibetan farmers life experience, the most beautiful Yamdrok lake with around eleven different kinds of arms. One of the most beautiful arms of the Yamdrok lake is located to the eastern part of Yamdrok lake where you can directly drive to the lake from Gongkar airport through a pass called Tsayul la pass. This is a newly built road, finished in 2020 and the scenery from the top of the pass is extremely different than the scenery of the Yamdrok lake that you can see from the top of Kampala pass where all the tourists go. The beautiful lake, dominated by the snow capped mountain around the Yamdrok lake including Kurla Gangri Snow Mountain which is the border between China Tibet and Bhutan. Another longer distant day trip is to Namtso lake which is at the distance of 250km from Lhasa. Namtso lake is one of the four largest lakes in Tibet and it is another very beautiful lake in Tibet. The road condition from Lhasa to Namtso lake is good and on the way, you can see beautiful view of Nyenchen Thangla mountain range and some of the most beautiful landscape of Tibetan nomad camp and their Yak and Sheep.

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