Looking out for a unique and authentic Tibet Experience? All you need is a Warm Jacket and a Tibet Winter Tour.

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Getting into Tibet during winter has its own perks though the best season to bucket list Tibet itinerary is in autumn and summer. There are misconceptions behind the Tibet Winter Tour due to her freezing temperature. Now that’s just a misconception, those who already have taken a Tibet Winter Tour has their own travelogues expressing their unique experiences in Tibet during winter. Infact the weather condition in Tibet during winter is not as harsh as one would have imagined or assumed. It is of course cold in the morning and night but thanks to the abundant sunlight and the clear sky, the days are warm and pleasant to fall in love with winter Tibet.


If you are looking out for something unique and authentic Tibet experiences, all you need is a warm Jacket and a Tibet Winter Tour.  Winter in Tibet kickoff from November and it lasts till February, this period in Tibet is best known for pilgrimage. Tibetans from all parts of the country outsets their pilgrimage to Lhasa and other sacred destinations in Central Tibet. The season is an ace to explore the difference in the cultures and costumes, traditions and dialects of Tibetan people from all over the country.


Are you longing for a comparatively relaxed Tibet Itinerary, So thatyou can do the Tibet Tour without so much of crowd? I mean battling to get entry into Potala Palace amid the tourist crowd during peak season in Tibet is something undesirable.  I would suggest you to take a look at Tibet Winter Tour. The flow of the national tourists into Tibet will be drastically dropped after the National Day Holiday and Tibet is all yours to sit back and venture.



You desperately wanted to take a Tibet Tour but your budget is a matter of concern, why don’t you take a Tibet Winter Tour and enjoy 30% off on your Tibet Itinerary. Moreover, with far less tourists in winter your Tibet permits and paper works can be rapidly processed unlike the peak season’s processing time and other complications.


Sipping out from a cup of hot tea or coffee in winter and capturing various moment from a distance view of those great Himalayan snowcapped Mountain ranges can be a thrilling experience. For more details on the Tibet Winter Tour, don’t forget to visit the below link, your one stop shop for all your travel need in Tibet during winter.



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