Mount Kailash Tour: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening and Adventure

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Tibet Mount Kailash Tour: A Spiritual Adventure Tour

Tibet holds a variety of stunning natural wonders, from vast lakes to high peaks — and Mount Kailash shines above them all. Seen as the heart of spirituality in Asia, this great mountain reaches over 6600 meters into the sky and remains untouched by climbers. Its surroundings whisper tales of mystery, deep spiritual connections, and a rich tapestry of culture.

At over 6600 meters high, it’s a place that no one climbs, but many visit. This mountain is very important for people who follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Bon religion. Every year, many travelers come here for a holy walk around the mountain, showing its deep religious importance.

Many different people hold special beliefs about this enigmatic mountain. To Hindus, it is where their god Shiva lives; for Jains, it marks the place where Rishavdeva found eternal peace. Followers of Tibetan Buddhism view it as the home of Demchog and the legendary yogi Milarepa.

Despite the differences in faith, one truth holds firm: Mount Kailash is revered as a sacred site, not to be scaled but to be circled. Pilgrims of varying religions undertake a kora, a respectful walk around the foot of the mountain, adhering to age-old customs. This pilgrimage allows visitors a unique glimpse into the enduring practices and beliefs of the local populace.

Is trekking Mount Kailash for everyone?

Walking around Mount Kailash holds deep religious meaning, yet it’s challenging. The path circles the mountain, and usually, locals can walk it in a day, but visitors from other places might need two to four days to finish it. The route sits at a high elevation (around 5000 meters), which can make the trek tough even for those who are used to climbing.

Altitude sickness is a real worry for climbers. It stops you in your tracks, leaving you too ill to continue. The key defense against this is staying hydrated and allowing your body to get used to the height. This means you should not rush to start your hike around Mount Kailash the moment you arrive in Tibet.

People who often hike and are used to tough trails might find the Mount Kailash trek a good test of their endurance. This trek pushes you to your limits as you pass through wide-open spaces, deep valleys, cold glaciers, and sacred lakes. Walking around this mountain offers a trekking adventure unlike any other.

A special aspect of the Mount Kailash tour is the chance to meet new people on the way. Throughout your walk, you can stop at places meant for prayer and where people camp, allowing you to talk to fellow travelers. Here, you learn about the different people making the pilgrimage. It’s not just Tibetans on this spiritual journey; devout followers from India, Japan, and even further come with hopes of cleansing their past wrongs. Additionally, you’ll encounter other trekkers from across the globe, allowing for an exchange of unique travel tales and viewpoints, enriching your experience.

What’s the right weather for a Mt Kailash tour?

Mount Kailash holds treasures for both the adventure seeker and the spiritual pilgrim. This place is high up in the air, making walking a bit hard, especially when the weather is not kind. There are the best times in the year for visiting:

  • In April, it feels a bit chilly at 3 degrees Celsius.
  • May warms up slightly to 7 degrees Celsius.
  • June sees a comfortable 11 degrees Celsius.
  • September’s mild at 8 degrees Celsius.
  • By October, it cools back down to 3 degrees Celsius.

For much of the year, from May through October, the weather in the area around Mount Kailash makes it good for visiting. The months of May, June, September, and October are especially nice for traveling here. During these times, the climate becomes welcoming, allowing travelers to experience the best of Mount Kailash without the harsh cold.

Choosing the right time to go is crucial. Despite the cold, these months offer clearer paths and less harsh weather, ensuring your trip around this sacred mountain is more about the experience and less about battling the cold.

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