What documents do you have to have before you travel to Tibet?

As usual, you need a valid passport which means your passport needs 180 days validity when you are traveling to Tibet. Besides, you need China visa and Tibet (entry) and road permits for traveling to Tibet. There are two ways to get Tibet visa which depends on from where you are entering Tibet. There are only two ways to get into Tibet sofar and if you fly from your home country to one of the cities in mainland China, then you should apply your visa to the Chinese embassy in your own country and get the visa 20 days before your departure and send both the passport and China visa copies to your Tibet travel agent.

If you are entering Tibet from Kathmandu Nepal, you need to send valid passport copy only to your local Tibetan travel agent and your agent will get your visa from the Chinese embassy.

Tibet travel permits and it’s different ways of getting

It is not easy for a tourist from outside the world to know all details about the Tibet Trip, what you need, whom you contact, which program needs more special permits etc.

The rule and regulation is changing quite often here regarding the permits matter. The most recent information about Tibet entry and road permits is that we can get your usual Tibet entry and road permits within a week as earliest and two weeks for special permits like Mt. Kailash, Guge Kingdom , Lhamo Lhatso , Nyingtri region permits. Why these permits are called special permits is because those places are considered as trans-Tibet travel and restricted area so we will have to get many different kinds of permits for those places, not only the permits from Tibet Tourism Bureau but also from many other departments so it takes much longer and called special permits.

When you visit Tibet, it is very important to tell our trip consultant from the very beginning where you would like to travel and which monuments, monasteries, scenic spots you would like to visit because we will have to include all those things in our permits and all the names of the visiting sites should be written in the permits to make sure that you can travel as you planed otherwise if you don’t tell our consultant all the places names that you like to visit when you book your trip and miss some places names in your permits, then you won’t be able to visit so it is very important to confirm everything from the beginning.

Of course we always try to be as flexible as possible but if you want to add some places or monasteries in the permits when you are already in Tibet, then even if we try our best, it will take a couple of days or even a week so it will waste your time and you can not continue your Tibet trip as it is planed.


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