Namtso lake tour in Tibet

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Because of global warming and climate changes, Tibet also had lots of rain this summer and Tibet has earlier snow fall and the weather becomes colder than usual so this year, we get earlier snow fall around Namtso lake and other northern plateau of Tibet which gives lots of work and extra services to the travel agents since the tourists could not take Namtso lake tour as it was planed.

Because of an earlier and very heavy snow fall in the beginning of October during Chinese national holiday around Damxiong county where Namtso lake is. It is not possible to have Namtso lake tour for almost two weeks from National holiday. Thousands of tourists have waited at the entry gate and in Damxiong county for a few days in order to get a chance to take Namtso lake tour but because of continuous heavy snow fall around northern plateau of Tibet, the road from Damxiong county to Namtso lake at the distance of 60km has completely been closed since the road was completely blocked by heavy snow and it has been frozen and iced on the road.

The traffic office in Damxiong county officially closed the road to Namtso lake since beginning of Oct and it has still been remained closed so there is no chance to visit Namtsok lake at the moment. When you have this kind of disaster, it is very important to have a very strong and responsible local Tibetan travel agent based in Lhasa like Tibet Shambhala Adventure. Tibet Shambhala Adventure is the right Tibet travel agent who can change your program for another destination even if it is difficult to manage with permits. Tibet Shambhala Adventure changed programs for many groups from Namtso lake to Tsetang and Samye by adding those places in the permits which is not easy to do do. If the snow fall did not continue around the Namtso lake, then there will be chance to open the road to Namtso lake and start your Namtso lake tour again.

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