Tibet Train Tour

Tibet train tour package is an excellent choice of getting to Tibet when you plan a trip to Tibet. It is the best way of acclimatizing to the high altitude by coming slowly up through the Qinghai and Jangthang Tibetan plateau by taking Tibet train tour.

There are several ways of Tibet train tours that you can take from mainland China to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. Tibet train tour from Beijing to Lhasa, Shanghai to Lhasa, Guangzhou to Lhasa, Chengdu to Lhasa, Xian to Lhasa, Lanzhou to Lhasa and Xining to Lhasa but among those many different choices of Tibet train tour, Tibet Shambhala Adventure highly recommends to take Tibet train tour from Xining to Lhasa because in the one hand, Xining is the shortest Tibet train tour from mainland China to Lhasa and on the other hand, the actual Qinghai Tibet railway is begun from Xining and the most beautiful landscape of the Tibet train tour is begun from Xining.

During your Tibet train tours, you will enjoy taking comfortable first-class high plateau train soft sleeper bed, witnessing a stunning landscape of the Tibetan high plateau, Kunlun mountain range, Keke Xiling no man land, entirely dedicated to the Tibetan antelope and if you are lucky, you will see thousands of Tibetan antelopes traveling in the Tibetan plateau.

You will have a beautiful view of Tibetan nomad camp and flocks of their yak and sheep, grassing on an enormous grassland surrounded by beautiful lakes and snow mountain during your Tibet train tour. Crossing Tang go la pass at the elevation of over 5000m is a pretty big challenging, but during your Tibet tour tours, the train is well equipped with necessary medical equipment and doctors as well as the oxygen, so there is no need to worry about the altitude sickness.

It is a bit challenging and not an easy task to book the first class train ticket when you take Tibet train tour so it is essential to have a reliable and robust Tibet local travel agency who can guarantee first class train ticket or known as a soft sleeper. With over 19 years of experience and good relationship with related departments of a railway company, Tibet Shambhala Adventure is the right Tibet local agency who can guarantee you to book the first class train ticket or soft sleeper for your Tibet train tour. We can easily help you to get first class train ticket without Tibet travel permit. We will deliver the Tibet travel permit and train ticket together before you take Tibet train tour.

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A trip can be booked as far as six months in advance. We do not book more than six months ahead because of possibility of huge fluctuations in the international exchange rate.

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On cancellation, depending on time duration before the cancellation of the trip, cancellation charge will be charged. A trip can be postponed only up to 6 months at maximum and no further than that.

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The final payment must be done before the start of the trek. A full payment can be done on the time of booking or as late as after arriving in Kathmandu.

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On the home page of our website, under the section, company profile, all the legal documents are present.

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