Tibet Winter Tour

Planning a Tibet Winter Tour is a smart way of planning a trip to Tibet because the weather in the lower places of Tibet is not as cold as many people imagine. And all the trip cost is cheaper during the high season. Besides, there are fewer tourists and more local pilgrims in the capital city of Tibet which makes Tibet Winter Tour more authentic and economical. Tibet is a very sunny place so, except the early morning and evening, it is hot because of the intense sunlight in the daytime.

Winter is a good season for the travelers to travel to Tibet and the most popular itineraries that we can propose you for Tibet winter tour is 8 days. Tibet classic tour which explores around Lhasa city, Tsetang town, the cradle of Tibet and traveling to western Tibet of Gyantse and Shigatse via beautiful Yamdrok lake and Karola glacier. This itinerary of Tibet winter tour can be available entire winter, and you can get good hotels with shower and heating system.

Another popular Tibet winter tour is 8 days Everest base camp tour that is started from Lhasa which is the cultural heart of Tibet and continue Tibet winter tour to Everest base camp visa Gyantse and Shigatse via exploring the deep culture of the Tsang region which is the second largest city of Tibetan plateau.

Exploring Everest base camp in the winter is the best time of seeing the Everest from Everest base camp because the weather at the base camp is always clear with the blue sky so you can still have a clear view of Mt. Everest from Rongbuk monastery and Everest base camp. Another advantage of traveling to Everest base camp during Tibet winter tour is that you can get 50% discount of Everest conservation and less touristic at the Everest base camp which not only let you enjoy the calmness of authentic Tibet winter tour but also gives you an opportunity to save more during the Tibet Winter tour. Since it is icy at Everest base camp and Rongbuk monastery, it is not possible to spend overnight in Rongbuk or Everest base camp, so it is advised to take a day trip to Everest base camp during Tibet winter tour and spend overnight in Shegar or known as New Tingri.

The last Tibet winter tour is travel to Nyingtri which is in the eastern forest region of Tibet. Nyingtri is 410km to the east of Lhasa and a thousand Km distance flight from Chengdu. Nyingtri is the most forested and lowest place of Tibet with an elevation of 2900mt above sea level. To have a Tibet winter tour in this region is another beautiful Tibet travel that you can explore beautiful snow peak mountain of Namchakrk Barwa which is rated as the most beautiful snow mountain in the world by the national geographic news magazine, beautiful Darksum lake, surrounded by dense forest and nomad camp. Long International forest resort can give another authentic experience of Tibet winter tour by visiting Tibetan families, Tibetan villages and riding horses in the Long forest scenic spot. The hotel facility in the region is excellent with shower and good heating system.

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