Am I physically qualified to take a trip to Tibet?

» Am I physically qualified to take a trip to Tibet?

A lot of people ask many questions whether he or she can go to Tibet because of his or her age, his or her stomachache, high blood pressure, etc.  In general, everybody who are below 80 years old are definitely qualified to travel to Tibet and you can choose all the trips in our website according to your age. It is always very important to give the right information of your age when you inquire your Tibet trip to our travel expert. However, we always recommend you to check with your doctor before you decide to travel to Tibet or it is also important to tell our trip consultant the fact of your health condition so that our trip consultant will advice you what kind of trip you can take according to your health condition. Some of the examples that the following persons cannot go to Tibet, or should be very careful if insist on going to Tibet.

  1. Have already caught a very bad cold and severe fever
  2. Have pneumonia or tuberculosis or have the history of these kinds of diseases
  3. Have severe heart-attack risk or high blood pressure
  4. Those who are above 80 years old


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