Plan Peak Climbing Tour in Tibet to Enjoy Real Adventures

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Booked to go on a Tibet peak climbing tour? Here is what you can expect on a trek among those glorious peaks and beautiful valleys.

A beautiful paradise on earth, Tibet not just enchants the visitors but mesmerizes them and keeps them that way for the duration of their stay and after. One of the beauties of Tibet lies in its unexplored and inaccessible nature, although with the advent of modern transport systems, it is easier to reach the place by air. However, what makes the trip adventurous is that even with all that modernity, one need to trek and walk through the rugged planes to reach wherever you want to visit.

The peak viewing is one of the foremost and primary attractions of Tibet Climbing tour. Located at that level, the valley of Tibet is surrounded by all important peaks including the Mount Everest. So, whichever way you turn, you get a sneak peek into those glorious giants, without even having to work hard for it.

Shisha Bangma and Joyu mountain peak at the elevation of over 8000mts above sea level is another great adventure and peak climbing trekking in Tibet. You can get to the expedition by coming from Kyirong border between Nepal or Tibet and from Kyirong to Shisha Bangma is just 3 hours drive and 5 hours drive to Jo Oyu Base Camp. These two great peaks are next to the Mount Everest.

Mount Kailash, the peak of religious importance for those of the religions including Buddhism, Hindu, Bon and Jan etc, Mount Minyak Gangkar, and several others stand guard while you travel through Tibet. Every peak has some significance, according to the local legends and that makes it all the more interesting to look at them and wonder at what all they had witnessed over the centuries – the silent spectators standing on when the time passes on.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure always tries to look for new Tibet trekking tour and Tibet small peak climbing adventure which have not been discovered by others in order to provide more unique and authentic Tibet trekking and adventure experience to our customers.

The Labchikang peak is another extremely beautiful and adventure small peak climbing. The Labchikang valley has a great trekking trail from Langkor monastery in old Dingri and you can explore a couple of peaks with glacier at the elevation of 6000m. From the top of the 6000m peak, you can have a great view of the entire Himalayan mountain peak. If you an adventurer of loving trekking, you can trek to 6000m peak and if you are an adventurer of peak climbing, you can climb to Labchikang peak at the elevation of 7000m.

So, get set to enjoy, enthralled and thrilled on your Tibet Peak climbing tour! Ask your tour operator about the different treks and tours available in Tibet to get maximum out of your travel- it is not every day that you get to visit this Himalayan kingdom after all!

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