“Have you planned your Vacation”? The Group Tours to Tibet is just Awesome.

Are you getting really bored of the monotonous corporate life? Thinking about a perfect getaway this summer? Tibet Shambhala Adventure has the answer, no matter whether this is going to be a family, solo, friends-get-together, or a corporate staff vacation tour. We even organize our own group tours to give it a feel like culture exchanging within the group while wandering through the Himalayas. Visit us on https://shambhala-adventure.com/ to give you a detailed insight into the products and services we offer.

We probably have realized the importance of holiday planning long back. It requires a great deal of hardships to perfectly plan a getaway. We have few good reasons to believe that Tibet Shambhala Adventure is not only recognized as a tourism company but a perfect vacation planner. Our planning team will assist you right from the idea of getting away till the end. (Visit: www.shambhala-adventure.com)

Traveling to place like Tibet requires a planner more than anything else. Tibet Shambhala Adventure with its rich resources always aims to promote a well-planned programs. Just-the-way you want it kind. With Shambhala Adventure it is always about learning while travelling and appreciating while peeking.

Our group tours aims not only to cultural exchange between you and Tibet, but within the group consisting different cultures. It is always great to learn different cultures. Tibet Shambhala Adventure features with variety of activities. Right from trekking to peak climbing, from cycling to biking, we make you lost amid Himalayas through various mode.

Though we have our own structured tour programs allowing us to introduce ourselves not only as a tourism company but as a vacation planner, we even encourage you to customize your own tours or group tours by making the best use of our resources. Right from the booking, we are responsible for all process involved in a typical tour-cycle like Visas and Paper works, hotel bookings, airline and train reservations etc. etc. For details please visit www.shambhala-adventure.com Don’t forget to check us out also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

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