The Potala Palace is re-opened after more than four months closure

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Even though Tibet does not have any cases of Covid 19, the Potala Palace has been closed to the tourists and local pilgrims for more than 4 months in order to protect the safety of the local pilgrims and tourists Since the codvid 19 has been spread in China and the rest of the world.

For the last few months, the Chinese government has worked very hard in order to control the virus spreading and today, the entire China has achieved a great result of fighting against to the disease and almost all the cities including Wuhan could control the Covid 19 and the daily lives of the people in China are back to normal and people are starting to travel in China from here and there again.

At the same time, there are more and more individual tourists are traveling to Tibet nowadays since most of the scenic spots in Tibet have already been opened to the tourists.

Today the administration bureau of the Potala Palace decided to re-open the Palace to both the tourists and local pilgrims from tomorrow which is 3rd June 2020 so all the local pilgrims and tourists can book the tickets of the Palace as before.

The local Tibetan pilgrims can queue in front of the Palace from 7.00 Am and buy the tickets at 9.00 Am. They can visit the Potala Palace from the main entry gate. The tourists who come as individuals, they need to book the tickets in one day advance from the administration bureau of the Palace.

The administration of the Potala Palace requires that all the tourists and local pilgrims should wear face musk while visiting the Palace and at the same time, the administration of the Potala Palace will check the fever of each and every single visitors to make sure that there won’t be problem of spreading the disease.  

For the tourists who come to Tibet, visiting the Potala Palace is a must when they travel to Tibet because in the one hand, the Potala Palace was historically not only the winter Palace of the Dalai Lamas but also the most important pilgrimage sites and the greatest cultural relics of the Tibetan people.

At the same time, the Potala Palace was listed in the world’s heritage sites and it has also be chosen into the list of Seven Wonders of the World. The unique architecture of the Palace and the most beautiful, and historical cultural relics inside the Palace including the giant golden stupa of the fifth Dalai Lama and the most sacred and the oldest statue of the Avalotesvara, the god of compassion attract thousands of thousands tourists every year from all over the world.

Visiting the Potala Palace is the highlight of the Lhasa sightseeing tour. When tourists travel to Tibet, they always include 2-4 days Lhasa sightseeing tour and the Potala Palace is a must visit place in their program. If you took a trip to Tibet without visiting the Potala Palace, then your Tibet trip is not completed and you must come back to Tibet again.

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