Happy Monsoon-Monsoon Tibet Travel tips that you might need to take a look

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Lhasa: Thursday June 22nd 2017: Monsoon in Tibet just kicked off. Tibet experience monsoon during the month of June to August. It also happens to be the peak season for tourist flooring into Tibet.  There are essential precautions need to be aware of during your Tibet travel in the monsoon season.  Followings are the things which need to be taken care of when you Tibet travel falls on monsoon season;

  1. Heavy Downpours usually occurs during the night.  it is advisable to schedule your flight in the morning or noon to avoid flight delay due to rain.
  2. Make sure you itinerary doesn’t include any high peak climbing to avoid thunderbolt or lightnings
  3. Make sure you bring enough clothes to keep yourself warm during monsoon to avoid Cold.
  4. it is advisable to equip yourself with raincoat and umbrellas to avoid getting drenched during your Sight Seeing in Tibet.
  5. Make sure your drinking water is either boiled or filtered to avoid water borne diseases during monsoon.
  6. Don’t encourage yourself camping near river side during monsoon. its always dangerous.
  7. Make sure you unplug your digital devices during downpours. Switch them off.
  8. Check the weather forecast frequently and Plan your Tibet Travel accordingly to make sure you don’t miss any beautiful things that Tibet has to offer.

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