Do I have to rent a 4WD vehicle for my trip to Tibet?

» Do I have to have a 4WD vehicle for my trip to Tibet?

4 WD vehicle is not necessary nowadays in Tibet. It was just 6-7 years before when many parts of the road was not paved such as the road to Mt. Kailash, the road to Mt. Everest, the road to Namtso lake, the road to Lhamo Lhatso but today, the road to all those places are paved and the road condition is very good so it is not necessary to have 4 WD Land cruisers. You can easily take mini van, van or bus for your trip. All those new mini van, van or buses have air condition and heater.

It is also good to share the vehicle cost with only one van if it is a small group tour instead of sending two or three 4WD. If you like to see the pictures of the vehicles sytles or design, you can go to our company vehicle. You can see the vehicle types that you like for your Tibet trip.

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