Eco-tourism: A way for an environmentally sustainable and responsible travel

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Some of us forget what travelling is actually about. We deem it as a fun-time-out from our hectic routines, which it is. But in our quest to find an escape from our daily work-life routine, we need not forget the mannerisms of living and of giving back to this planet which serves to sustain you. You can still have a blast and yet feel satisfied with yourself at the end of it that you didn’t cause any mishap to the people you were with and the places that you went.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure seeks to encourage the tourists who visit Tibet to abide by an eco-friendly tourism and adventure. We have internationally trained Tibetan staff that will provide assistance on how to practice responsible tourism and will let you become someone that gives back to the planet by protecting its environment. Now, eco-tourism is not only about leaving lesser carbon footprint or garbage in your travel, it is also about economic sustainability and reduction of any social, behavioural, and psychological impacts.

For the former, we tend to use local porters and local horses to carry equipment of our tourists hence minimizing the carbon footprint. We also have an apt management of the garbage whereby we gather up all the wrappers and leftovers from our trekking and do not leave them lying around the whole way. We also collect the garbage if we visit a place in order to encourage environmental protection.
Now, for the latter, we use the locals as our staff to improve their financial condition. We also use different trekking routes in order to benefit the locals and every year, we try to explore new trekking routes in the remote villages of Tibet in order to benefit the locals who don’t have any links with cities or do not get the chance to earn money in other industries.

We think that eco-tourism is also about building the sensitivity of the tourists by making them bond with the ground realities of the places they visit and to understand the lives lived by the people in that place and to take back that understanding with them. We aim to provide unique experience for the tourists by organizing unique trekking and tour routes. In order to make their Tibet trekking tour more authentic, we try to arrange a local Tibetan family visit or a day tour to a Tibetan nomad camp even though it is a challenging work in Tibet. Within the city tour, we are much happy to introduce to the tourists the local owned restaurants and hotels in order for them to get a better understanding of the region which can prove to be beneficial for the Tibetan natives as well.

Through our tour guiding and trekking services, we aim to accentuate our cultural heritage and to provide a means of support for the local communities. We believe in long term sustainability and are averse to the idea of short term profits as we have enthusiastically subjected our services to the principles of eco-tourism.

Let’s have an adventure of your lifetime with us where you are consciously aware of your surrounding and where you build your inner satisfaction by not just travelling and sightseeing the most beautiful of mountain and hill areas but to actually hear the sound of nature in the wilderness. Let’s travel with us to have an emotionally beneficial experience by connecting with the nature and the people that it sustains with its beauty and sacrifice. And let’s travel the earth to give back what it is losing: an environment that sustains all life on earth.

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