Some of The Most Popular Winter Tours in Tibet

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With Tibet located at such a high altitude, is it wise to travel in the winters to this place? Or would it be frozen and inaccessible due to all that snow from the mountains and glaciers?

Surprisingly, the Tibet Winter tours are regarded as popular with many takers as the other such tours during the peak season. There are several reasons as to why people prefer to travel during winter when the typical season begins in April and ends by November.

  • The off-season discounts are enormous, and so you save a lot of money on your Tiber travel
  • There is less crowd everywhere, therefore, making it all the more silent and serene to enjoy the views offered
  • The winter weather is perfect for perfect views of the snow-covered peaks. With no heat to deflect or melt the snow and form the mist which covers the peaks, the winter sun is completely friendlier to the peak viewers, presenting them with enchanting views of the mountains all through.
  • The facilities such as the hotels and stays are occupied minimally, therefore making it easier for you to get the best possible places at good discounts
  • You get to experience the local culture and religious practices through their festivals and functions and prayers than when you visit them during the peak season. Wherever you see, you get the uninterrupted view of the Tibetans enjoying their everyday life.

So, if you are planning to take upon the challenge of traveling to Tibet in winter, then here are some of the tours that might keep you enthralled.

The Lhasa to Tsetang Winter tour

The Southern part of Tibet or the Lhoka is more scenic with sand dunes and lakes and many more. This is the best part to explore on a Tibet winter tour. The trip begins at the Lhasa airport and proceeds to the Yarlung valley and the first Tibetan castle, the Yumbu Lhakang. The trip then takes you to some of the oldest religious places, such as the Traduk temple and the Samye monastery.

While the capital city of Lhasa is something that every person should experience in their trip to Tibet, the winter tour to the place will bring in the very essence of the city. The beautiful monasteries, temples and the Palace will be shrouded with snow all around and decorated with religious fervor to celebrate various festivals.

Lhasa to Nyingtri Tour

This is again one of the famous winter tours, which takes you to the Nyingtri or the Nyingchi level city. What makes the visit even more special is the fact that the trip from Lhasa to Nyingtri, at a distance of 420 kilometers is dotted with some very magnificent and scenic spots. Although the destination has its attractions, the trip, and the snow-capped peaks along the way make up for the winter weather or any discomfort you might experience due to the altitude.

Everest Base Camp, Terdrom nunnery and the Sakya

When you are in Tibet, definitely do as most visitors do – this should be true at least for the Everest base camp. When you have traveled so far, how can you miss out on that sneak peek of the great Everest? The Winter presents MT Everest in all its glory and magnificence to the on-lookers.

The Terdrom nunnery and the monasteries of Drigung Thiil and the Sakya are some of the other attractions well enjoyed even when the air is chilly and the jackets are out! The beauty of the mountains which snugly guard Tibet is enhanced manifolds during the winter season. The festivals of Palden Lhamo and the Labrang Monastery butter sculpture exhibition only increase this effect Tibet has on the winter tourists!

Tibet winter tour has several attractions to offer a tourist, as the peak season. Why not try Tibet at its serene best during this season to enjoy the warmth and solitude of the country?

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