Some Of The Popular Trekking Expeditions In Tibet

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Also called the “roof of the world”, Tibet has some of the world’s oldest glaciers, highest mountains, and the beautiful and turquoise lakes among many other natural wonders and features. The challenging plateaus, passes, snow-capped mountains and moonscape lands bring to Tibet trekkers from around the world.

Remember that a trip or Tibet trekking tour may require a prior arrangement of road and travel permits. People from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan can enter Tibet without Visa, but the same facility does not extend to international tourists. A flight to Tibet across the Himalayas is a memorable and out of the world experience in itself. The Qinghai-Tibet railway track is also the highest in the world.

The Best Tibet Trekking Tours

The best time for a trekking tour in Tibet is from April to October. During this time period, most of the treks can be assessed easily and the weather is also suitable for touring, travel, and trekking in Tibet. The best of Tibetan festivals including the Shoton festival, Saga Dawa festival, and the Nagqu festival take place during these months.

The leading tour companies in Tibet can offer you more than 50 Tibet trekking tour packages. The best of these treks include the Labchikang trek, Kartha valley trek, Kham’s Derge-Yilhun, Amnye Machen trek, and the Nyenpo Yurtse trek. These treks are exclusive and help you travel through the less explored areas of Tibet. Other more common and popular treks include the Yamdrok Lake trek and the Ganden-Samye trek. You will experience the best of natural wonders of Tibet in your Trek, including the breathtaking snow-capped mountains, glaciers, mountain passes, forests, beautiful grasslands, and others. These tours also take you through the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the region including the Potala Palace. The treks have cultural sightseeing as well in the form of the vibrant bazaars, the beautiful Tibet villages, and the iconic Buddhist monasteries and stupas.

A leading and certified tour agency like Shambhala Adventure is certified by Tibet Tourism Bureau and the China National Tourism Bureaus. Planning your trek with a certified Tibet trekking tour provider ensures that it is safe. These tour operators will have for you the medical aid boxes, oxygen kits, tents, kitchenware and everything else you need to enjoy your Tibet trekking tour in the most comfortable, exhilarating, secure and convenient way.

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