Tibet Adventure Tour – Experience the Thrill of Trekking Expedition in Labchigang Mountain Range

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Well, what can one say about a place that is called the rooftop of the world for a reason? There is nothing like Tibet, the great Himalayan kingdom which has several mysteries in store for a Tibet adventure tour!

So, if you are all set for the Tibet adventure tour this summer, then visit the Labchigang mountain range to experience the thrill of trekking on those slippery, snow-covered mountains!

Labchigang mountain or the glacier is one of the most less explored, and therefore, adventurous sights when on a Tibet adventure tour. The mountain, with its snow, covered peak and freezing temperature has provided challenges to the most frequent travelers too.

Here, when on an adventure tour to Tibet, you can have the thrill of visiting this place, with the help of local tourist guides and travels. Usually, any tour of Tibet starts with getting you first acclimatized to the area. There is a strong medical reason to believe that people from anywhere in the world might want their body to adjust to the altitude and the climate before going on their first adventure.

After spending a few days in Lhasa, sight-seeing all those plethoras of wonderful places, you will be taken along to the Old Dingri, through the Palchoe monastery and others on the way. In Dingri Gangkar, which is at an altitude of 4360 meters, you start your climb up the mountains.

This trekking along the slopes overlooking Mount Everest will take you to several other places which you can only go by foot. The Dosam and Langkor monastery, to the peak of the Labchitso glacier at 6100 meters, all will leave you awestruck and thrilled for a lifetime.

The whole climb would take a few days to cover, offering several sensational attractions in between. All in all, you can have all the titillating experiences on the Tibet adventure tour, with a suitable tour guide to assist you on your journey to the most enchanting glories the Mother Earth holds.

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