Tibet flight information


As Tibet is still under developed region in China, the air service history was not that long comparing to some of the western countries. The Tibet airway service has more than 60 years history flying with Air China for the first time. Air China won first place in the international airline category for consistently over-delivering on service and delighting customers which has once again been recognized for its service quality, winning Global Views magazine in 2013 Service Excellence Awards, known as the Oscars of Taiwan’s service industry.

Tibet air line service industry was started with Air China and only one air route between Chengdu and Lhasa in around early 60-90 with only one Airport which is Lhasa Gongkar airport but now it has extended it’s service to 5 Tibet airports, Among them, Lhasa Gongkar international airport which not only serve for domestic flights but also has flights between Lhasa and Kathmandu Nepal on every Tuesday and Saturday for the whole year and every day flight during the peak Tibet tourist season in Tibet.
Nowadays, there are many daily flights between Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Xining, Xian, Kunming, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Lhasa with more than 10 different Air Line Companies. In 2011, the China Tibet Airline was founded and it has most of the destinations to the mainland China and Tibet Airline made an agreement with Nepali government in 2016 for a new destination to Nepal and then continue to India and to other Asian countries with Himalayan Airline.

Ever since the Airline service industry has been started in Tibet, the China Tibet Autonomous Region has taken care of the safety of the passengers as the most important issue and the Tibet Airline industries with all their destinations have been very safe.

There are four big airports in Tibet now which are the Lhasa Gongkar airport in Lhasa, Nyingtri Minling airport in Nyingtri, Chamdo Pamda airport in Chamdo and Ngari Kunsha airport in Ngari, known as Ali. There are more than hundred flights to Lhasa Gongkar airport everyday from different big cities in mainland China and from Kathmandu Nepal. There are more than 40 flights to Nyingtri Minling airport every day from a few different cities in mainland China. There are a couple of flights to Chamdo every day from a couple of cities from mainland China and there is only one daily flight to Ngari from Lhasa. The Tibet Autonomous Region already started to build two more airports in Tibet. One new airport at Hilsa border which is to the border of western Nepal and very close to Mount kailash in the western Tibet and another new airport will be in old Dingri near Everest. In around a few years, those two new airports will be finished and there will be more convenience to the tourists who are traveling to the Everest region and Mount Kailash from the western Nepal. The flight schedules that we have given below can be changed every year so to have more detailed information about the flights to Tibet, please check all the Tibet flights information here.

The most important thing to know after you confirm your trip to Tibet is that you must need Tibet travel permits to book your flight tickets so you might either ask your Tibetan travel agent to help you to buy the flight tickets to Tibet or you will ask your Tibet travel agent to send you a copy of your Tibet travel permits to book your flight tickets if you come from mainland China to Tibet by flights. If you came from kathmandu to Tibet, then you don’t need Tibet travel permits to book your flight. You can either book the flight tickets online or ask your travel agent to book the flight tickets to Lhasa from Kathmandu without Tibet travel permits but of course you still need Tibet travel permits and China visa to travel to Tibet even if you come from Nepal to Tibet.

The last important thing is that you must have original Tibet travel permits with you when you board the flight from any cities in mainland China becasue at both check in desk and security, they will ask you to show your Tibet travel permits. Without the original Tibet travel permits, you are not allowed to go through the cecurity and not allowed to check in or board the flight to Tibet. Once your Tibetan travel agent finishes the Tibet travel permits, it is always better to ask them to send you the photo copies of Tibet travel permits before they send Tibet travel permits to mainland China for you because sometimes, your local Tibetan travel agent might make mistake of your names or passport number on the Tibet travel permit namelist. If there was a very small mistake , example just a letter or a number mistake on your Tibet travel permit namelist, then the security at the airport will not allow you to enter so it is always better to check every carefully before you start your trip to Tibet.

Chengdu to Lhasa Flight LhasaChengdu2 hoursCNY1680Detail
ChengduLhasa2 hoursCNY1680Detail
Beijing to Lhasa FlightLhasaBeijing5h30mCNY2610Detail
Shanghai to Lhasa FlightShanghaiLhasa5h30CNY2950Detail
Kathmandu to Lhasa FlightKathmandu Lhasa1h20mChangeableDetail
LhasaKathmandu 1h20mChangeableDetail
Xi'an to Lhasa FlightLhasaXi'an2h30mCNY1840Detail
Shangrila to Lhasa FlightLhasaShangrila2hCNY1570Detail
Chongqing to Lhasa FlightLhasaChongqing2h20mCNY1840Detail
Guangzhou to Lhasa FlightLhasaGuangzhou5h25mCNY2690Detail
Xining to Lhasa FlightLhasaXining2h30mCNY1800Detail